Stir Fried Vegetable Rolls by Trader Ming

Trader Ming's Stir Fried Vegetable Rolls

I wish I had more time to read labels on food. There should be more. There should be many more. GMO-free? Organic? Fair trade? No antibiotics It’s easy to put it on the label. If it’s good old ammonium-washed beef, you can also put it on the label. Wood chips in abundanceOder, even worse, directly from Monsanto’s gates. Let me know. All of these should be obligatory. To make informed purchases, let me know exactly what I’m buying. These types of items shouldn’t be controversial.

To be honest, though, I would still make mistakes and purchase something that I shouldn’t. These Trader Ming’s stir-fried vegetable rolls. These Trader Ming’s Stir Fried Vegetable Rolls. It didn’t happen. I only realized that it was after a long day working in cubicles, baby wrestling/juggling, and housework that these photos were taken at 10:30 at night. All that I said to Sandy, however, was in the hope that Sandy would not notice if they were as good as they were with all the other stuff. It is possible to salvage dinner if my man Trader Ming can perform as he almost always does.

Welllll …. that would be a no. I baked the five rolls for just over 30 minutes in the oven, which is a little longer than the recommended time of 25 minutes. These took longer because the wrappers were crispy and tasty and were delicious (dead ringer to crunchy lo mein noodles). However, the wrappers that touched the baking sheet were soggy and drippy. This is even after they were turned. Sandy regarded the wrapper as the best part. She grinned after taking one bite. “Ugh! There are mushrooms everywhere! She said this as she emptied out the contents. The insides contained mushrooms and bean sprouts, along with some tofu tidbits. They were all mixed together in a grayish soy saucy substance. The TJ Indian Hot Pockets (not their true name) were brought to my mind. This was not due to the similarity in taste between these rolls and the pouches, but rather because of the bland filling. They were very disappointing, even at 11 p.m., when I was still hungry and tired enough to contemplate eating my own shoe with enough hot-sauce, but they were still a big downer.

It must be that I am too anti-wasting food. I ate two rolls that evening, plus two more for lunch the next morning. I ate the wrapper, but it was soggy, which meant they lost the best part of what they had. I know that these won’t be my second purchase and will not spend $3.99 again on them. Sandy is more stubborn about that. When I mentioned I was writing this review she made what would instantly be recognized internationally as a “barfface”, made a corresponding sound, then shuddered. She somehow translated that to a one. That must be because she liked the few crisp bites of wrapper she had. These no-ovo-uh ohs should not have been as disastrous as they were. But, I’ll take a two.

Bottom line: Trader Ming’s Stir Fried Vegetable Roles: 3 out 10 Golden Spoons