Citrus Glazed Chicken from Trader Ming

Trader Ming's Citrus Glazed Chicken
All of us have experienced one. Those weeks. The kind you know. You know the ones where you and your partner look in the pantry and fridge, and kinda say “meh”, then you think about all the busy nights and things that you have to do and say “Screwit, I’m not.” Not This week, go grocery shopping. You don’t have to remember where you bought half of the items or if peanut butter and saltines are a viable option for you to make it work. It’s your choice and you will stick to it.

Sandy and I had one such week last week. Because we were busy doing something each night, then we were out of town on the weekends, it was almost pointless to do our weekly TJ walk. Even though we couldn’t get to the pantry in time to find the 1977 expired garlic bread sprinkle, it was still enough that we had to plan ahead so that we could convince ourselves. Even though dinners were easy if we rely on our main foods, lunches became a problem. I was going to become a $1 menuaire for the week. This is just awful.

Sandy spotted the bag of Trader Ming Citrus Glazed Chicken. She gave me the look that said, “There are a few lunches for us right there, buster.” It’s not going to touch, no matter what. It was our first purchase, many months ago. We were hoping for another Trader Ming-tinted classic. However, we were disappointed. I purchased it again shortly thereafter to remind myself why it wasn’t what we wanted. Readers, that’s what I do. Naturally, as we didn’t like it, we avoided it against it against it against it…hidden it in the back…forgot…and ate everything else until it was our turn. Anyways, there are only so many microwave quesadillas that I can eat in a week.

It wasn’t as bad, but it wasn’t as good as I had remembered. Let’s begin with the positives. It’s incredibly simple to make. In fact, Trader Joe’s even prepared rice for you. The chicken tastes just as good as any frozen white chunkified chicken. This is unlike other TJ’s that we call fowl. The glaze isn’t too citrusy so it tastes good, but it won’t make you eat all of it. You also get a little bag of cashews. It’s kinda like getting a sticker or prize with Cracker Jack.

Vegetables are the problem. I can recall this being true in the first instance. Sandy and I shared it once, and it was true again this time, so I think it’s not a fluke. When they’re stirfried, they become bland and mushy. The same goes for the green beans and red peppers, as well as the carrots, green beans, broccoli, and other vegetables. It’s a shame because I love them. Like All of them, although I was not biased to being slightly disgusted by every bite. I prefer firm vegetables with a bit of snap and a lot more natural flavor. A good stirfry should have these qualities. This is not true. It looked like there was more chicken than the bag had.

Sandy has many “food rules,” but the most important one is “no wimpy vegetable – fresh and best.” Yes, she was happy to accept a second round. Similar to the Pittsburgh Penguins and the playoffs.* I can’t really ask her for a grade, but I’ll go out on a limb and assume. She’d probably give me a one, but I know her well enough to not pick any chickens and just leave me with the rest. Me? Eh…I don’t know. I want to give it credit for being frozen for a while and then being reheated. However, it tasted the same to me both times. It’s not great so I’ll give it a 2.

Bottom line: Trader Ming’s Citrus Glazed Chicken: Three out of Ten Golden Spoons
* I live in Pittsburgh so I can say that. If you don’t, you can’t.