Trader José’s Hot Chipotle Salsa

Trader José's Hot Chipotle Salsa

Finally, a hot salsa that’s actually hot. This little chile meter is nearly full. It tastes just like chipotle chile peppers. It’s not quite as hot as chipotle peppers by themselves—if you’ve ever had one, you know that they’re pretty spicy—but I think it’s darn close. Sonia found this salsa lacking heat as well, just like their other salsas. It’s a good step in the right direction though. This is probably the most spicy TJ’s salsa I’ve ever had.

I wasn’t aware of this before, but chipotles are actually a dried, smoked variant of the jalapeño. You can see it here. Somehow, they seem much spicier than a regular jalapeño to me. But I don’t know. Soy solo un gringo loco.

Most products they slap a “chipotle” label on here don’t really taste that much like the real thing. This salsa is delicious. Authentico. The label says it has a slight smoky flavour, and it isn’t lying.

It’s fat-free. In theory, it will increase your metabolism. Burn baby, burn. It’s possible to do it with the Super Seeded ChipsOder the Flaxseed and Soy Chips.

Sonia and I give it a 4 from each other. Bottom line: 8/10.