Trader Jose’s Chile & Onion Flour Tortillas

Trader Jose's Chile & Onion Flour Tortillas

There are some things that just don’t work in life. Imagine being a Pennsylvanian resident (which is me) and visiting an out-ofstate Trader Joe’s. There you will see a wide variety of consumable goods that aren’t in your local store. It’s unfair. It’s unfair. The entire store is covered in them. It’s a whole section. Why can I, a PA resident not purchase the same goodies that a native Ohioan? Is it antiquated state law? Market demands?  Anger over the Buckeyes-Nittany Lions rivalry It’s unfair, I don’t think so. Somebody should call the governor.

Don’t think I’m talking beer or wine. PA has outdated state laws that prevent alcohol sales in most retail channels. Even though I did manage to get some on my last trip, there isn’t much I feel compelled yet to review. The Stockyard Oatmeal Stout was good, but the Simple Times Lager is not great. Sandy and me will probably have the chance to try the wine once we move in to our new home.

But I am talking about the Trader Jose Chile & Onion Flour Tortillas. These were the first time I saw them at the market. I was so excited to try them. They didn’t appear to have been discontinued, so I assumed that they had. No, they are still available at Woodmere, just outside Cleveland. They also have other tortilla flavors that we don’t have in our area. We only have the run-of-the-mill flour and corn variety, with the Habenero and Lime  for an exotic option, which gets old after a while.

These would be my every day tortilla, if they were always available. I love to eat them. a lot Tortillas. They are perfect. Add onion and some legitimate chile spice to a flour tortilla. These tortillas are delicious plain and pair well with my fake rice/bean delight. They also taste great and can even hold their shape after being zapped in a microwave quesadilla. They are delicious fried in butter to make a stovetop quesadilla. The tortillas get crispy, soak up a bit of butter and then become flaky and delicious. They are spicy enough to keep my interest, but easy enough to be enjoyed by most taste buds. I tried to duplicate their spice level by adding some red pepper flakes to the cheese, but it didn’t work.

These are some very good hombres and they need a new home: Pittsburgh. Come. I might be the biggest fan of these tortillas. Sandy just shrugged and said, “I like ’em.” They’re good. They are good. “Quote that.” As you wish. After savoring each one for a while, I wish I hadn’t ate the last one. They deserve a perfect five. I am guessing Sandy’s score.

Bottom line: Trader Jose’s Chile & Onion Flour Tortillas: 9 out of 10 Golden Spoons