Trader Joe’s Veggie Sticks Potato Snacks

Trader Joe's Veggie Sticks Potato Snacks

When I hear the term “veggie sticks,” I think of narrow little slivers of carrots and celery arranged on a circular platter around a pool of creamy ranch dipping sauce. If you didn’t see the pic, these aren’t what they are. These are crispy doodle-puffs filled with snack-tastic potato batter.

From the first bite, they seemed familiar somehow…like a long-lost friend who had just returned from adventures abroad…like a wayward relative that came back to his father’s house with a strange foreign accent, a prodigal son of the pantry if you will…there was just a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about them…who are you, veggie sticks? Haven’t I met you before? Perhaps I have met you in another life.

No. You are not new to me. But you remind me of someone. OH! YOU TOTALLY remind me of the unmistakable flavor of McDonald’s French fries…with the texture of cheese-puffs. Seriously. McDonald’s fries. It has to be the sunflower/safflower oils.

Sonia was shocked when I told her about my McDonald’s French fries epiphany. Really? They taste exactly like that? I then had her try another one and suggested that she think about McDonald’s French Fries. She said, “Eh, I guess that I can understand what you’re talking …”.”

So I think they taste almost exactly like McDonalds French fries. The texture is quite different, however. The texture is that of a generic, yet not necessarily low-quality cheese-puff/cheese-doodle/cheesy-poof thing.

I tried hard to tell if there was a difference among the three varieties; orangish-red, yellowish-white, and green. I thought maybe they were tomato-flavored, potato-flavored, and spinach-flavored, respectively, however, I was unable to discern any variation in taste. There are only three colors of McDonald’s fries.

We tasted them with a bit of lemon juice. Good. They would have been KILLER if they had some. Trader Joe’s Jalapeño Pepper Hot SauceWe didn’t have any. I almost tried them with a little packet of McDonald’s fancy ketchup, but then I thought that might be a bit weird. I decided to dock a point as we wanted to dress them up. However, the bag was gone within 24 hours of being returned from TJ’s. This usually means a product is a success. Sonia also agrees.

Sonia and me both give them a 4. Bottom line: 8/10.