Vanilla Coconut Milk from Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Vanilla Coconut Milk

After one sip, my initial reaction was: anything with so much fat should taste way better than this. But, I do want to let you know that I am still a big fan of coconut milk. My dad used to bring me whole coconuts from the grocery shop when I was young. I loved drinking the juice from the coconut out of a glass and enjoying it. I realized that coconut milk with “vanilla”, before it was called, would be sweeter. It would also be more drinkable than fresh coconut juice from my childhood. If you ask me, it wasn’t. Vanilla flavoring didn’t do much to enhance the natural coconut milk flavor. There wasn’t enough flavor for me to justify 5 grams of fat per cup. There are manyAs it stands, there is plenty of fat to contend. Although, I must admit that natural, nut-fruit-or-whatever-a-coconut-is-type-fat is always way better for me than most of the actual sources of fat in my current diet. It may have tasted like the one I was imagining. Goya Cream of Coconut that we used in our piña coladas a while back. That stuff is Tasteful. It is extremely fattening, and I believe it contains more sugar than the actual coconut. It’s probably good for your health that TJ’s coconut water tastes nothing like the Goya nonsense.

This stuff is completely dairy-free, just like regular coconut milk. It is also vegan-friendly and soy-free. It was a hit with Sonia. She enjoyed its light taste. She added it to her cereal and enjoyed it. It was Cookie Crisp cereal—which pretty well offset any healthiness that might be in the coconut milk, but whatever. It comes packaged in an attractive and convenient package that is rich in vitamins and calcium. It almost sounds like they’re putting it up against soy milk and dairy milk for those who are lactose intotolerant and/or don’t want. Lower sperm counts.

It’s likely to be a viable alternative to other types of milks. To be fair, I should mention that I really don’t like drinking plain dairy milk or soy milk at all either. On cereal is about the only way I have milk. Sometimes I might have a little chocolate milk. I just hoped that the stuff would be easy to chuggable by itself. I find it to be a bit too bland. It’s not terrible, it’s just kinda bland. It might have been “coconut water” if it was.

It’s not a dessert item and I don’t think it should be difficult. It’s unique. It could be a staple on the grocery shopping list for lactose-intolerant people. It receives a 2.5. Sonia will be the reasonable one yet again and give it a good score despite the fact that it doesn’t taste like candy. 4 from her. This one is something you will have to test for yourself to decide if it is worth it. Let us know what you think.

Final verdict: 6.5 out 10 stars