Trader Joe’s unsweetened cocoa powder

Trader Joe's Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

My childhood was spent in Hershey, PA. I grew up within a half hour of Hershey. While I don’t consider myself a chocoholic, it doesn’t stop me from eating chocolate. Who does?

Regular readers will know that I am open to trying new foods and can offer some insight about most Trader Joe’s food products. However, my child-like sweet tooth cannot be ignored. I will often prefer a “chick-drink”, and I rarely drink coffee, as I like my caffeine to taste like candy. Energy drinks are my preferred choice. Also, I love white chocolate and milk choco, but not the dark stuff.

Now, I’m married with a beautiful Mexican-American wife. And one of the prerequisites to that is a love for traditional Mexican drinks, such as champurrado and Abuelita, which is pretty similar to Trader Joe’s Spicy Hot Cocoa. These beverages, along with microwaved Hershey’s syrup or milk, get my big thumbs-up. But this stuff is darker. It’s bitter. It’s bitter even after you have completed the required Use the following as a guide: My hot cocoa was rich and dark with no sugar. I made the sugar. It’s amazing how much sugar you put in. One tablespoon is a lot. The sugar was almost equal to the amount of milk. Yet, there was no sugar shock. There was no sweetness surge. This is what I look for in chocolate. This is what I love. And those of you would say that if it wasn’t sweet enough, you should have added another spoonful. But I couldn’t. This would have been wrong. It’s like asking Santa for diabetes. It was only a small disappointment.

My wife will agree with you, those who have “refined palates”, that this stuff tastes delicious. Beany-lovers and coffee connoisseurs rejoice! Go buy a box. The package states that the product is made from Tumaco beans from Colombia. Juan Valdez apparently picked up a sack full of cocoa beans from Colombia while out collecting coffee in the bush, and sold it all to Joe when he returned to port. I searched for “Tumaco cacao” on Google and found more than half the results that mentioned this Trader Joe product. I don’t know if this is because of the success of Trader Joes’ brand or because “Tumaco chocolate” is not that well-known. It will appeal to dark chocolate lovers and coffee drinkers.

It doesn’t deserve a low score. It’s a high-quality product that I can see. It’s not my hot cocoa. It will get a 3.

Sonia gives it a 4.5. It was a great drink that she enjoyed and she would add that it is good for baking. It was used in a cake she created. It was delicious.

The bottom line: 7.5 points out of 10.