Trader Joe’s Uncrystallized Candied Ginger

Trader Joe's Uncrystallized Candied Ginger
There are definitely foods around the globe that can be classified as “acquired tastes.” Coffee and beer are two of the most common drinks. For the first few dozen times I tried them, I was disgusted. Now, they are a part of my daily routine at least half the day. Of course, all in moderation. As a child, I was disgusted by burgers. This is not the case today. Although I don’t know if there is such a thing, it might be possible to have an “unacquired” taste. Example: I thrived on spicy food to the point that a Thai waitress once said to me that she had never seen white people eat spicy food like I did. That was a compliment that I took as a compliment. While I haven’t fully adopted a BRAT lifestyle, there are still times when I check how much hot sauce I put on my food. I would have laughed at myself 10 years ago. It’s part of growing older.

What does all this have to do Trader Joe’s Uncrystallized Candied ginger? True, it’s not that important. You’ve come to expect this from us. Ginger is just one of those acquired tastes. I thought I knew what ginger tasted and smelled like growing up, but I didn’t know much more. I remember ginger ale, gingerbread cookies, ginger snaps, and other ginger-tinged goodies. Ginger candyIt is something I am trying out for the first time, but I did find some at the 99 Ranch in San Diego that I loved, and they were much more intense than I was used.

The TJ guys are, however? These go up to eleven, just like Tufnel Marsh’s amp. Seriously. The ginger flavor is intense. I haven’t found anything more intense than a piece of ginger root. The pieces are soft and chewy, similar to dried pineapple but a little softer. When you break a piece in half, you will see that there are still fiber-y stringsy interiors. But they aren’t noticeable. Each candied ginger piece has a slightly sweet, mild flavor due to the light dusty sugar coating. But, it quickly transforms into a ginger blitz that will blow your mind. This is even with just one piece. TJ’s “sweet, smooth” tagline that TJ’s places under the product name? It’s their attempt at generalizing gingers like Nathan and myself (both redheads and definitely sweet). Smooth – ask our wives! *cough*) and certainly not these candies – I couldn’t think of two words that I’d wouldn’t use more than those. Are you too zealous or napalm-esque? Sure. Yes. Hell no.

These were a terrible idea for Sandy. Sandy resented them so we opened a bag. Recent road trip. In my peripheral vision, she made a face as if I had just forced her to eat a meatloaf muffin after one bite. She said, “Blahhh!” “Enjoy your ginger candy, ginger boy.” Later, she changed her tune and said that she could have some of these if it were a little sick in the stomach. She’ll give them one for that. It’s funny that she said this, as I swear my stomach feels slightly different after trying them. It’s not that I am sick, but it isn’t that bad. It’s almost like a needle that only hurts when you poke it. I keep trying to get them to work. They aren’t horrible, but I hate them. It will be difficult to finish the bag. Although they were only about $2 and I already have half of them, I may not return them. While I can see how some of you like them, they are not my favorite. I think I will also try one. One taste is far too much for me: all-out ginger assault

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Uncrystallized Candied ginger: 2 out 10 Golden Spoons