True Thai Vegetable Thai Pasta Pad Thai by Trader Joe

Trader Joe's True Thai Vegetable Pad Thai

We didn’t test any beer on St. Patrick’s Day. How un-festive. The previous post’s title did include the word “green” twice. And anyway, we’d have to travel into another state for a Trader Joe’s that sells beer. Read the rest of this article. This post. It’s Mexican beer so it doesn’t matter. They’re also a Catholic nation that has green on the flag.

Let’s get to the point, shall we? We’ll be discussing fine Thai vegetarian cuisine today… And This Trader Joe’s Vegetable Pad Thai is also available.

The Beverly and Orlando restaurants are amazing in Los Angeles. Vegan Glory. They do not serve any animal products, which is what the name suggests. They serve Thai food, and it is my favorite restaurant. Although I am not vegan, I have known people who are open to trying it, no matter how much meat-lust they may have. I highly recommend the pineapple fried Rice with soy chicken nuggets if you do decide to visit. Add a little hot sauce to it and you’ll get a delicious, meatless Thai meal that will blow your mind. It also comes at a very reasonable price. I have experienced friendly, helpful service from Thai people. (Most speak English, but most of them are fluent in Thai.

Now, if Trader Joe’s can make a killer Dog made from meatless cornYou would expect them make amazing meatless pad Thai. I mean, that is, given TJ’s generally good track record with Asian style food products, as well as their wide array of tasty vegetarian and vegan foods, one would think that a Thai entree as basic as Pad Thai would be an easy one to knock out of the ballpark. Many Thai food options are either vegetarian or vegan. The success of a corndog seems to depend more on meat than Pad Thai.

However, I’ve gotta say – and maybe it’s just because I was spoiled by Vegan Glory – this Pad Thai misses the mark. The noodles are almost too chewy, almost rubbery. The sprouts are too stringy. And the tiny pieces of tofu that were left were far too scattered. Even though their texture was nice and their flavor wasn’t awful, I found myself pining for real chicken pieces. I would say I was craving better quality tofu thingies, but there was something about these little guys that made me NOT want anything vegetarian. They reminded me why I love to eat meat because they were so different from real meat. LikeYou should never eat meat. You won’t feel deprived of real meat if you make a good Thai vegetable dish. They aren’t terrible, but they don’t compare to real chicken. There are many vegetarian options that will satisfy your meat cravings, including many Trader Joe’s products.

The sauce was very good. There are no complaints, but there could have been a little more.

Sonia was a surprise to me, giving the rating a higher-than expected. It was rated a 3.5 by Sonia. This one is going to be tough. I will have to give it a 2.

Bottom line: 5.5 of 10.