Trader Joe’s “This Strawberry Walks into a Bar …” Cereal bars

Trader Joe's "this strawberry walks into a bar..." Cereal Bars

This strawberry enters a bar, and another strawberry enters the bar. Do you not think the second one should be ducked?

A strawberry, a hamburger, and a hotdog walk into a bar. “Sorry, but we don’t have food.”

A strawberry and Bohemian are seen entering a bar. The Bohemian is thrown out and the bartender tells the strawberry that this is what you call a “bounced Czech”.

I could go on and on.

However, if you did, I doubt you would read the rest of the “review” and I don’t blame you.

Both the blueberry and strawberry varieties were delicious. The box clearly shows that the claims of this stuff being good for you are numerous. Organic grains, B vitamins, low-fat, etc. They seem healthy enough. They are also fairly priced. How does it taste?

These cereal bars are surprisingly flavorful. After trying the blueberry ones and being perfectly satisfied with those, I was a little stunned that, if anything, these strawberry bars were bursting with even more berry deliciousness. Blueberry products are my favorite, although I do enjoy strawberry products. There are exceptions. Both are soft and moist.

You may have wondered why I use terms like “moistish” because someone disagrees with me makes a comment that goes something like “Hey, these things aren’t moist!” You can always respond with, “I didn’t tell them they were’moist.’” They were’moistish.’ If I go from foodie-hack to foodie, I will be able make bolder claims about food. When people comment on my work, I can easily produce my Official Foodie certification card and shut them down. That being said, I must clarify that only the fruit portions of these bars are moist. The cereal portions of the bars are dry, like the cereal portion of a cereal bar should be.

However, their taste, texture, and overall quality are all very pleasing to me. The cereal has a good fruit-to-cereal ratio and is generous in size. These cereal bars are great for quick breakfasts or afternoon snacks. These cereal bars are available in both blueberry and strawberry varieties. We are still exploring a few more flavors, but will keep you posted. You can leave a comment below if you’ve tried other flavors. Thank you so much.

Sonia says these are worthy of a 4. I agree.

8 out of 10