Dealer Joe’s Sweetened Dried Lemon Slices

Trader Joe's Sweetened Dried Lemon Slices

I am a man in his mid-30’s, however I am going to freely admit it: I like my emojis. I will not go too overboard with them, I do not suppose. I imply, I am not going to try to write the remainder of this evaluate utilizing simply them, or narrate my day, or do no matter else youngsters do with them today, however I am going to allow them to slip into my daily textual content conversations with my spouse, in my emails and whatnot.

One factor I do not like, although, is how generally they do not technologocially translate throughout totally different platforms. Take, for example, when Sandy despatched me an electronic mail from her iPhone to my work electronic mail stating she had simply tried Dealer Joe’s Sweetened Dried Lemon Slices for the primary time. What I acquired on my facet, on some outdated Home windows platform in Outlook (I am not even certain if it is XP) was this grim-looking uninteresting face with giant eyes that have been possibly crying, possibly horrified, or simply getting poofy after being stung by a bee. Unsure what it was in any respect, however I took it as one thing dangerous, which to me would not be sudden after making an attempt a bitter mummified citric corpse slice, peel and all.

Nope. It was the hearts for eyes, huge smile deal. As in, completely in love.

I am not completely certain that is my instinctive response, however I believe I can muster a thumbs up general. The bundle entrance of those zombie lemon discs say they’re “moist” and “candy.” These do not look like completely correct descriptors to me. These TJ lemon slices are positively dried out, with nary a drop of something to be squeezed out. Robert Plant would in all probability be proud. However when biting via, there’s nonetheless a softness and sure gumminess to them, that makes appear nearly like sweet. The sweet vibe ios kinda picked up by the added sugar which appears to accent the pure lemon taste with out going too overboard and getting too cloy.

What’s kinda lacking is the large, tart, citrusy chunk one would count on from a lemon. Perhaps that is contained roughly within the absent juice. Then once more, these are pretty snackable as is, and will have multple functions {that a} stronger taste might not have. I might simply as simply see these lemon slices as a garnish for a dessert – one thing creamy and/or had a good quantity of frosting involves thoughts – as I might for easy summer season salads, and possibly dishes like grilled rooster and veggies as nicely.

It is a first rate sized bundle and appears an excellent worth at about $3 for the bag. There’s a lot to go round in there. These will probably be in all probability be a summerlong repeat purchase. Kinda cannot wait to strive them alongside some iced tea. So, maybe briefly: 🏜️🍋🔪😃👍 💵. Now it is simply ⏰ for the 🥄s.

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Sweetened Dried Lemon Slices: 8 out of 10 Golden Spoons.