Trader Joe’s Sweet Tea

Trader Joe's Sweet Tea
Do yourself a favor and visit one of the finest BBQ restaurants in Ocean Springs, MS if you find yourself there, like I did in spring 2006. The Shed. That place is seriously amazing. It has live blues, an atmosphere that lives up to its name, and BBQ sauce so delicious that I almost ate a whole jar. It’s a great spot for down-home cooking. Another thing I remember from my night there was this blonde, stereotypical Daisy Duked Southern belle bombshell with a Southern drawl, who brought around pitchers of icy cool refreshment. “Y’all want sweet tea?” She’d purr so loudly with such a smile, that I was able to see what she meant. CostanzaI was referring to pastrami or women.* The only other times in memory were while taking in this bacon love balladAnd, of course, paying attention to the adorable, shy, and lovely brunette who brought a delicious lemon lavender cake with white cream cheese frosting to a church Picnic. She also put up enough with my awkward advances, clumsy persistence, and ended up marrying me, the big ol’ lug that I am. Love ya babe.

Although I don’t know if it’s accurate, that’s how I remember The Shed. The same goes for the sweet tea. I don’t remember if it tasted good or not. That was my first trip to the American South, so it’s safe to say that there was some good sweet tea there. It’s actually the best, at the very least, compared to many of the others. Arizona Sweet Tea? McDonald’s? What is the local dairy variety? Although not necessarily bad, it’s not what I was looking for.

But, it is Trader Joe’s Sweet Tea. It’s a positive experience. There are many things to love about it. This is the first ingredient, which is always a plus. It’s real cane sugar. Mexican Coke, and all sodas made with corn syrup, is distinguished by this ingredient. The same goes for sweet tea. Another key selling point is the strong black-tea flavor. The sugar provides a good amount of sweetness, but not too much like some other brands. It is refreshing and cold. I find it perfect for hot summer days. Chick-Fila Sweet Tea has been a while so I don’t have a direct comparison. However, their sweet tea is quite good and according to my memory, TJ’s is about the same.

Sandy and myself have been trying to be healthy and trying to gulp the same amount of TJ sweetener. Usually, I will finish drinking the whole bottle of super-drinkable delights we purchase, with the exception of the Orange Peach Mango she recently bought. This is fair play. It took just a few days for the gallon to vanish, and I am already hungry for more. Sandy looked a little sad when I gave it the last drink. She gives it a four. It’s close to the top of TJ’s tea selections, but it’s not nearly as bad as the horrible swill.** Let’s say 4.5 from me.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Sweet Tea: 8.5 of 10 Golden Spoons
* Obviously, that’s an exaggeration. This is a bit…
** What’s not an exaggeration is how awful that “tea” is. Sonia and Nathan must have been in a generous mood as they reviewed it. Sandy and I tried it once, and almost drank the whole thing. Seriously, I would almost rather do Kevin Costner’s “Waterworld” impression before I even consider purchasing that particular tea.