Trader Joe’s Sweet & Salty Snack Blend

Trader Joe's Sweet & Salty Snack Mix

Ah, December. 

If you are a true TJ’s fan, then you will know when it is officially: It’s time to go to your local store and grab anything and everything chocolate-covered. It’s the season. 

Granted, there’s nothing really definitively overtly holidayish about the new Trader Joe’s Sweet & Salty Snack Mix.I mean, there’s not even a reindeer or elf on the packaging, let alone little fun shapes or something. Let’s not forget about the little bowl on the front. That little bowl at the front? This would look amazing as part of your holiday spread.

There are four components to this mix. Two include a thick drizzle or coating of milk chocolate. 

First, the caramel popcorn. This seems to be the true base of the snack. It’s a decent, crunchy snack. The popcorn is kernel-free, but still has a nice crunch. It also tastes great with the substantial carmale overlay and the chocolate topping. It’s a snackable popcorn with lots of caramel and chocolate. Yum.

Let’s continue the choco-choo choo-choo and hit the real winners: little shards chocolate-coated potato chips. Deeeeelish. Addictive. They are rare, but I hope there is a few more. It would be like hitting gold. I want to go mining for them. But that’s against our snack mixes rules. You don’t have to be upset if you get what you want…but these chocolate-chips are a great option. Thick, crunchy, salty, chocolatey. Yum. 

These two items contain enough chocolate to make mini peanut butter-filled pretzels. They are your regular, plain, baby pb pretzel nuggz. It’s delicious and packs a surprising amount in peanut butter despite its small size. The texture and feel of the peanut butter would have been lost if the nuggets were larger. So the smaller ones worked well, even though I was craving more peanut butter.

…which may be why there are roasted peanuts in it, too. Yup. Regular ol’ roasted peanuts. It’s not bad, but it is still good.

The $4ish grab bag of snacks makes a wonderful addition to almost any occasion. For those who are like me, to get that sugar rush in the early afternoon to end their work day. Or, do you really need to justify your decision? There’s no way around it! Treat yourself. 

Double fours 

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Sweet & Salty Snack Mix: 8 out of 10 Golden Spoons