Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Pie Bites

Trader Joe's Sweet Potato Pie Bites

My last review was very negative. The one before that was also very negative. I felt like Scrooge. Although the review I just read wasn’t about the food, it was still a good experience. The Shrimp Bao nonsense was not even close to Christmas food. This stuff could make a great Christmas party hors-d’oeuvre. These little bites are very similar to pumpkin pie. They’re also topped with candied nuts. Certain candied nuts have a Christmas-y feel. Walnuts, almonds or pecans are my favorite Christmas nuts (but only when candied). And PerhapsIf you listen to Don Ho’s “Mele Kalikimaka”, while eating macadamias

These little guys can be quickly heated in the oven. 25 minutes at 350°. Ours turned out amazing. They were crunchy and crispy around the nuts and crust, but soft and smooth in the filling. They’re like little miniature pumpkin pie desserts. They are so good that we whipped up a little bit of whipped cream to decorate them. Delicioso. We ate the whole box in one sitting, Sonia and I.

I’m happy to have ended my little streak of Scrooge like Bah Humbug-ness. These little bites were delicious. They are delicious little bites. You should buy them. I’m going ahead and give them an 4.5. I am feeling very happy right now. Serve them with high-quality eggnog, Christmas cookies, and other finger food at a party.

Sonia was equally enthusiastic about them as I was. They were delicious and she loved them. She liked that they were not too sweet…just naturally sweet. She also liked the texture. They were nice and flakey. She’ll go with a 4.

Final verdict: 8.5 out 10.