Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Chips

Trader Joe's Sweet Potato Chips

TJ has a great track record in sweet potato products. Because it is very difficult to ruin sweet potatoes. It’s delicious! Fry, mash, bake. Sonia and me have tried the Sweet Potato Pie Bites. Russ, Sandy and Sandy also tried the Sweet Potato Frites. These products garnered scores of 8.5 and 9, respectively. This is not bad. We are tough graders. Now, I don’t know where the term “frites”, came from. It would be a British nonsense. However, I do know that fries are called chips and chips. Anyway, these chips are actually “chips” in American usage. Ridge cut chips, a la Ruffles brand.

They have lots of sweet potato flavor. They’re crunchy and nice. Yes, “crunchable.” As in crunchable chipses. It’s what Gollum would call them. As in, I wish December were December already so that I could see the new Hobbit movie. Unfortunately, I am off to one of my notorious rabbit trails.

These chips can be a great alternative to regular chips, says Sonia. These chips can be a good alternative to regular chips. These aren’t super sweet. These would have been more confection-like if TJ’s had added mapley flavoring or brown sugar to increase the sweetness. I think that it would have a better taste. Not have been a terrible idea—but I do have a bigger sweet tooth than the average bear. They are just as they are for Sonia. The only thing that makes them salty is the hint of salt. They seem more salty to me than they really are. It’s not clear why. They’re just… so… chip-ishChips tend to be salty.

My only problem would be that they are not very sweet or salty. They taste good, though. However, for me, I prefer a sweet snack such as a cookie or regular chips when I am in search of a snack. These get lost in my middle, so I don’t feel the need for them. However, they can be delicious snack-worthy if you like something salty and sweet. They get a 3. Sonia gave them a score of 3.5. These are worth trying if you are still unsure about whether to try them.

Final verdict: 6.5 points out of 10.