Dealer Joe’s Tremendous Bitter Scandinavian Swimmers

Trader Joe's Super Sour Scandinavian Swimmers

Coming late summer time…to a Dealer Joe’s close to you…from the identical geniuses who introduced you Scandinavian Swimmers comes a brand new gummy snack that…will…blow…you…away!

Pucker up…it is Dealer Joe’s Tremendous Bitter Scandinavian Swimmers!

It is time to dive in!

Okay, that was kinda lame intro, however attempt studying it within the film trailer voice, so just a little deep, booming, and dramatic, and consider this new yummy gummy providing as one more summer time sequel or remake of a traditional. 

And sure, I nonetheless chuckle on the title too.

However yeah, should you’re accustomed to the common swimmers and are on the lookout for a barely bitter twist, these are the snack for you, little doubt.

Discover I did not say “tremendous bitter,” in contrast to the product title. Barely bitter. Mildly bitter. Like, not likely all that bitter. For reals.

Maybe Bitter Patch Children aren’t the be-all-end-all of bitter candies, however they are a good benchmark. These Scandy swimmers are nowhere shut. You understand how your mouth will harm and lips sting as soon as too many SPKs have handed them by? That is an impossibility right here – the fishies simply aren’t potent sufficient.

Like SPKs, the TJ’s bitter swimmies use crystallized citric acid because the souring agent on the surface. The granules right here aren’t practically as large and are not fairly as densely populated. The top result’s a moderately delicate bitter impact – it nearly ventures extra in the direction of tangy than bitter. Oh nicely.

Other than that, there’s so much to love right here. The gummies are smooth and welcoming, just a little chewy, and undoubtedly not stiff. The flavors are kinda enjoyable, although I needed to look them up – redberry starfish, (which style like several crimson sweet) huckleberry dolphins (I’d’ve guessed blue raspberry), orange tangfish (spot on), and strawberry clam shells (a crimson berry that’s completely different from a redberry, apparently). Yummy and gummy, simply how I like my candies. And as at all times, added bonus of no bizarre chemical compounds and synthetic colours – simply fruit and veggies. Regrettably, additionally palm oil although. Nothing’s good.

So briefly, there’s undoubtedly blockbuster potential right here, however like many summer time motion pictures, the tip product simply may not reside utterly as much as the hype. Nonetheless fulfilling although. And for $2.99, undoubtedly purchase. Possibly sneak them into the films. Paying full retail on the concession stand would undoubtedly be the sourest expertise of all.

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Tremendous Bitter Scandinavian Swimmers: 7 out of 10 Golden Spoons