Strawberry Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert from Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Strawberry Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert
It’s a shame to open things with a semi-non-related grumble, but it’s my blog post, and I can’t let you stop me. The night before my birthday, I just wanted to go to Rita’s with Sandy and Baby M. (he always gets vanilla ice cream at Rita’s). However, I had to work late, get home and make dinner. Then, I had the normal delays of having a baby that is not quite two months old. Despite all of that, we made it to Rita’s at 9:55pm. It shouldn’t have been too difficult, as the restaurant closes at 10 but…as we parked just in front, perhaps three spaces away, the young snot-faced teenie boss running the joint opened the window and shut off the blinders. We were, admittedly, the only ones there 5 minutes before closing.But it was only 5 minutes before closing.. You can take 30 seconds to serve my wife and me some Italian Ice, and my dog some ice cream. It will make us both happy. Heck, I would even be inclined to forget the BOGO coupon that I had in my pocket. Jerks.

We had to settle for a not nearly as good Squishee at the gas station next door. Although I don’t claim that Rita’s will be my last stop, it’s not a big lie. However, Sandy had to be careful about her dairy intake as Baby M is a little sensitive. We are going to explore other frozen non-dairy treats.

This search led us to Trader Joe’s Strawberry Non-Dairy Frosted Dessert. It is a frozen dessert that tastes like ice cream but with less dairy. It’s vegan because it is made with coconut milk. It is also gluten-free, for the record. You know what? It is absolutely delicious. I cannot believe that we didn’t finish the entire pint. It tastes so full of strawberry flavor that it almost tastes like frozen mashed strawberries. It was delicious and, unlike many other things, I loved it. This is not a case of the law o diminishing returns. It doesn’t taste like coconut at first, which was surprising to me. But then I realized that coconut milk doesn’t always taste like coconut. It’s sweet, soft, and addictive. It’s hard to find a better compliment for someone who is a self-proclaimed ice cream expert.

Sandy and me sat down on the couch last night, along with the tiny carton and two spoons, and we got to work. Sandy exclaimed “Oooooh! It’s soft !…That’s it! She wasn’t lying at all. The dessert is also available in a chocolate variant, which we haven’t yet tried, but will as soon as we get to TJ’s. Sandy thinks there is nothing better about strawberry ice-cream. She’s going to give us a full-handed five. Me? You??…I will add more coupons …). Although I think some strawberries bits would be nice, they aren’t absolutely essential. Although it is not often that we see two pantheon entries within a week, when we do, they are delicious.

Bottom line: Trader Joes Strawberry Non-Dairy Fried Dessert: 9.5 out 10 Golden Spoons
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