Dealer Joe’s Stepping It Up Spicy Snack Bar Combine

Trader Joe's Stepping It Up Spicy Snack Bar Mix

Round this time of yr, there’s routinely some do-it-yourself Chex combine round the home. For no matter purpose, in the course of the holidays, it is a fixed, and, nicely, why ought to this yr be completely different? Custom, proper? No person must shout that from the rooftops for me. 

Together with the Chex combine there is a fixed refrain, and I do not imply simply from ‘final Christmas” or ‘All i Need for Christmas is You.” No, in reference to the Chex combine, it is “no mining! No mining!” What’s that imply? Meaning no digging round for the easiest bites, just like the wheat Chex that acquired a little bit further soaky in Worchestershire sauce. Take a scoop, and also you get what you get and you do not get upset. No mining. It is sacred custom.

We could need to make a brand new one for Dealer Joe’s Stepping it Up Spicy Snack Bar Combine.

Acutely minded readers and customers could recall the Step As much as the Snack Bar combine that TJ’s has peddled in recent times. It is a spicy sibling, a seasonal sidekick, a spirited sequel. 

And man, it is good. 

There’s among the regular suspects round – almonds, cheese sticks, huge clunky pretzel items a la damaged up sourdough bites – all coated on this dusty, spicy seasoning mix. It is in all places and whereas principally tasting like seasoned salt, there are some scorching pepper kicks sneaking by right here and there. Allegedly among the items have completely different seasoning – just like the pretzels are imagined to have “candy jalapeno” – however a whole lot of that will get misplaced actually within the combine. Not a criticism, it is good. 

There’s additionally these “chile lemon corn nuggets” that deserve their very own point out. What the heck are they? Properly…they’re kinda just like the Peruvian corn snacks TJ’s has carried in recent times. In the event you’re not familair, suppose large, crunchy corn kernels, all crispified and mummified. It’s kind of of an odd chunk when you’tre not accustomed. Whereas I do not thoughts them notably, the “huge crunch” issue for a superb snack combine has already been glad by the pretzel chunks, so i’d have most well-liked a smaller or various kind.

All of that does not point out the very best half, although: the pasila chile and sesame chips. My goodness. I would inhale a sack full of those dangerous boys. I love sesame chips and sticks and all that kinda stuff, so naturally I am inclined to be pretty keen on them, however there’s one thing about them – perhaps their very own chile flavors, perhaps the surplus seasoning shook off on them – that make them further tasty to snack on for a advantageous snacking goal. No mining? No rule right here, although sure, my beautiful bride invoked it to verify she acquired some.

General spice stage is not too dangerous, perhaps a 5, maybe a 6 at most. Most individuals can deal with it. My children could not, which is a plus – extra for me! The Stepping It Up combine goes very nicely with an IPA, as I confirmed on just a few completely different nights just lately. Choose some up for a little bit kick – at $4.99 for the can, you might uncover (as we did) that it goes quick. Double fours right here!

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Stepping It Up Spicy Snack bar Combine: 8 out of 10 Golden Spoons