Dealer Joe’s Spud Crunchies

Trader Joe's Spud Crunchies

For a second after opening the bag, I assumed, “Oh, bummer! There is no resealable ziplock on this bundle.” A second later, I noticed why. These items will not final lengthy sufficient to get stale. Oh, and that complete “4 servings per container” there on the diet information IS A BIG FAT LIE.

You will be fortunate to get two servings right here. Particularly if there’s multiple particular person concerned. Not simply because two individuals eat twice as a lot, however as a result of consuming the bag turns into a race in opposition to the opposite particular person. In the event you snooze, you will lose your share.

And I ought to point out that the image proper under this paragraph was taken close to the tip of the bag. I had opened the bundle with each intention of taking an image proper out of the gate, however we really plowed via almost the entire thing earlier than we remembered we hadn’t taken an image. Because of this, the crunchies you see right here aren’t completely consultant of those within the bag—they’re considerably smaller than the typical sticks you really get.

A very long time in the past, there was a mini-discussion about one other TJ’s product that emulated “zombified McDonald’s French fries,” Dealer Joe’s Veggie Sticks. We have been a fan of these snacks, however someway, by some miracle of science, Dealer Joe’s bought their palms on a good higher product.

There are considerably fewer substances right here. These snacks really feel much more potato-y as a result of they are not fabricated from potato flour, wheat flour, and different bizarre vegetable “powders.” These pleasant, snacktastic sons of moms are made with “potato,” and in my view, they much more precisely approximate an age-old McDonald’s fry, however miraculously, they do it with extra taste.

They’re fairly salty, which completely works right here. As talked about earlier than, they’re additionally very potato-y, and you’ll style and really feel the canola oil as nicely. Texture-wise they’re undoubtedly just like an historic fry, however ever so barely within the course of a potato chip. They’re much less starchy than long-forgotten quick meals fries, and maybe barely extra crispy.

That is only a enjoyable, tasty snack throughout. Would make an amazing after-hike deal with. Two bucks on the native Joe’s. I might purchase ’em once more.

Backside line: 8.5 out of 10.