Trader Joe’s Spicy Seaweed Ramen

Trader Joe's Spicy Seaweed Ramen

Over the years, TJ’s has provided us with many unusual but delicious soups. I think Lentil Soup with Ancient Grains and Tomato Red Pepper Soup. They also offer a few so-so choices like the Rice Noodle Soup Bowls.

I have mentioned in several posts that I love to read. seaweed. And at least once I’ve mentioned that I hate kimchi and sauerkraut—the whole rotted cabbage deal just isn’t my thing. This dish is both. seaweed and kimchi, but as the product’s name would suggest, seaweed is more prominent in the soup. The whole package contains only a handful of kimchi flakes. Thank goodness. They did add a touch of excitement to an otherwise mundane broth.

These noodles are great. They’re thick and soft—but not too soft, depending on how long you cook them—and they’ve got about as much flavor as you can expect a Ramen noodle to have. We added more water than the recommended amount and it seemed like there was too much broth. I think it was 2 cups. The broth would have tasted slightly more strong if there had been less water. I wouldn’t mind that at all. It was a little too spicy for me, but it could have been twice as spicy.

Also, I wouldn’t mind more seaweed. I enjoyed the taste of the noodles. seaweed paired up, but I still had half my noodles left when the little green leaves started getting scarce. This is an inexpensive, easy international snack that’s very affordable. However, it lacks substance and would be better served with a stronger broth. seaweed. It’s a good value for the money, but it’s unlikely that we will be buying it on a regular schedule. It earns 3.5 stars from me. Sonia gives it an extra 3. 

Bottom line: 6.5/10


Here’s a picture of the prepared product, with some of the broth drained out. The excess liquid was not wasted. We used it in a shameful culinary experiment. 

Okay, now you have my arm twisted. Let me tell you. To make it Asian-American, we added chicken hot dogs. It’s not safe to make at home, children.