Dealer Joe’s Spicy Lentil Wrap

Trader Joe's Spicy Lentil Wrap

I do not assume a whole lot of children like lentils. I do know Sonia did not develop an appreciation for the lens-shaped legume till her late teenage years. I suppose I do not blame her. She had plenty of tasty dwelling cooked Mexican meals as a child and there was no have to discover uncommon soups or unusual beans to develop her horizons till a lot later.

I, alternatively, had bizarre meals limitations and restrictions as a result of allergic reactions, so my mother and father all the time purchased various meals and tried to get me thinking about stuff like lentil soup from a really early age. I really cherished it at first chunk. Lentils because the centerpiece of a meal does not appear unusual or unappetizing to me in any respect. Quite the opposite, this product sounded fairly good to each the gorgeous wifey and me.

What’s working right here: tasty lentils, pink pepper paste, and contemporary cabbage all wrapped up in a skinny layer of soppy lavash bread with a lovely mix of different spices and flavors like onion, parsley, cumin, and pink peppercorn. There’s really a good kick to the wrap, spice-wise. It is principally a easy, zesty mush, however the cabbage provides a welcome crunch to the feel.

What’s not working? I really needed extra cabbage in our specific specimen, primarily for that crisp crunch issue. Sonia needed extra tahini sauce. It added a pleasant spicy earthiness, however there wasn’t sufficient within the packet to cowl every chunk of the wrap.

Additionally, holy hypertension alert, Batman! Greater than two thirds of your every day sodium for those who eat the entire wrap in a single sitting, which is kind of believable. I imply, Sonia and I shared it for lunch, however we supplemented it with different snacks. I may have simply downed the entire thing myself, and I might wager she may have too. Sonia did complain that it was method too salty. It is slightly scary that I did not assume it tasted too salty. I believed it was nearly proper till I regarded on the diet data.

$4.49. Vegan. It is a surprisingly pleasant wrap. Would purchase once more to share. We’re each torn between three and a half and 4 stars a chunk, so we’ll go together with considered one of every.

Backside line: 7.5 out of 10.