Sparkling White Chardonnay Grape Juice from Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Sparkling White Chardonnay Grape Juice

Champagne bottles have always scared me. It may have something to do the loud pop and lethal projectile from the nozzle that shoots out when you open champagne bottles. 

Sonia and me had several bottles of wine thanks to our friends on our honeymoon. Each night I tried a new method to open the bottles. I tried to remove the cork with a knife. I tried shaking the bottle as they do in the movies. If you aren’t afraid of spilling half the bottle and getting wine all around the room, this is a good option. Then I opened the bottle and held it above the shower. 

Sonia offered to help, but my protective instincts (AKA foolish pride), kicked into action and I insisted that I do the risky task alone, night after evening, adding another layer of stress to my already fragile nerves.

This bottle is no exception. But this time it’s not champagne. It’s chardonnay. It’s non-alcoholic Chardonnay. Because it is made from real Chardonnay grapes, it appears to still be “chardonnay”. Sorry, booze-hounds. It’s not as easy as regular champagne bottles.

This bubbly makes a great glass of bubbly to toast the New Year, especially if it’s your designated driver, non-drinker, and a law-abiding youngster under 21 years old. It falls in the middle between the sweet and dry spectrums, making it a good choice. Sweet Just a little, but not enough to make it feel too syrupy. It almost tastes a bit appley to my taste. It tastes like a very good cider…like a sparkling grape cider with a bit of apple juice

To me, the carbonation level was just about right. There were just the right amount bubbles. Just enough to tickle my taste buds, but not so hot that it causes me to burn. Sonia says it tastes very similar to dessert wine she’s had, but without the alcohol.

It cost $2.99 at TJ’s. This is a very reasonable price for an item made from imported grapes. It’s a high-quality item, and we would buy it again for a special occasion.

Sonia rates it 4 out 5 stars. This one is a complete match. It’s been a while that we’ve reviewed a beverage, so it’s nice to be able tell you that Trader Joe’s has made another winner.

Bottom line: 8/10