Dealer Joe’s Southwest Type Candy Potato Saute Bowl

Trader Joe's Southwest Style Sweet Potato Saute Bowl

After all, there’s any variety of methods to mark the yr 2020. Most of them, we cannot go into right here, and we predict you admire that. 

Right now, we’ll hold it mild and optimistic, and state that 2020 appears to be a yr that my pretty bride and I’ve actually gotten a number of cool kitchen stuff, or on the very least undoubtedly upped our meager provide from earlier than. New KitchenAid mixer for her, that I am afraid to the touch. New nicer grill for me, that is she’s afraid to the touch. Simply yesterday we had a brand new blender/meals processor delivered from a Pampered Chef social gathering Sandy hosted a few month in the past, and as we have excitedly exclaimed a number of occasions, it could actually warmth stuff whereas mixing. Howdy potato soup. A lot extra issues coming from that social gathering.

And most pertinent for this overview, an amazing buddy of mine dropped off a carbon metal wok and bamboo dealt with spatula for my birthday. I like it, and use it as usually as I can, though I am going to admit I am nonetheless getting the cling of it. 

So when Sandy introduced residence the brand new Dealer Joe’s Southwest Type Candy Potato Saute Bowl, I knew it was time to wok and roll. Feels like enjoyable and deliciousness multi functional. 

And boy, have been we not fallacious.

The label suggests it is a six serving container, which I suppose could make sense if treating as a aspect dish. There’s a lot in there as soon as it will get opened, kinda prefer it’s all springloaded in there with all of the potato spirals and whatnot. However deal with as a major dish, it is maybe extra like a bigger lunch for 2 hungry adults to share, and that works.

First off: plenty of potato…noodles? If zucchini noodles may be referred to as zoodles, what are these? “Poodles” is taken. Name ’em yams and yoodles? Perhaps? I digress. There is a ton in there, sufficient that whereas cooking I wasn’t there if there’d be sufficient of the opposite stuff to even make it is method and blend up the large ol’ nest we had occurring. Thankfully they do saute up nicely and “cook dinner down” and untangle sufficient to get a nix combine on, although they do take longer to saute than acknowledged on the package deal. There have been a couple of grainy-ish bites, which sure, partially on me, however it’s one thing to pay attention to. 

However all of the mix-in’s, too: good. There’s jicama in there however truthfully for us it bought kind of misplaced in there so I wasn’t all the time conscious whereas consuming it. There was an occasional burst of freshness although, in order that should be it. Ample chunks of poblano peppers are tossed in, which do not add a lot if any warmth, however are possibly a barely edgier bell pepper, like a pre-teen one who simply went to Scorching Matter. Get one with a little bit additional roast on it and it is yum. Corn, black beans, a lil’ pico de gallo – all are good, may use a little bit extra, IMHO. However what’s there may be good. 

After which…the sauce. 

That is all the time the make it or break it part for any salad or related package. You gotta nail this. Right here, TJ’s went with an avocado cilantro one. I would argue you do not have to love avocados to love this dressing – it is mild and easy with a little bit physique to it, however is nowhere close to guacamole, although for me that would not be outta line for a bit of the meal right here. Sandy typically dislikes avocado and had no challenge with this explicit one. However (and a giant however) you completely have to love cilantro. There is a lot of that up in right here. I would say that is sensible – with all of the yoodles (yup, I am going for it) in there one thing has to chop by way of and add taste to each chew. Cilantro is the overarching ingredient tying all of it collectively. It is bought chew. And it really works. 

In all, the candy potato saute package works as a standalone dish that may probably be adaptable to nonetheless it’s possible you’ll need to gown it up. Add some guac, bitter cream/Greek yogurt, salsa, even a little bit extra protein to make it a bit extra of a meal and enhance the serving numbers? Positive, all of that would work. It appears to be base for all types of creations…which I intend to do with my new fancy wok in all its rainbow-seasoned glory. Great things. Actually good. I feel between Sandy and I we will muster a close to good rating. 

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Southwest Type Candy Potato Saute Bowl: 9.5 out of 10 Golden Spoons