Dealer Joe’s Smoky Honey Seasoned Kettle Chips

Trader Joe's Smoky Honey Seasoned Kettle Chips

Actually, the very last thing wanted proper now could be potato chips. I *like* chips, I don’t *want* chips. As soon as upon a time, not so way back, I would relatively eat uncooked spinach straight up than take pleasure in some chips…again after I was loopy about dropping weight and being wholesome and all that stuff. Which is all good, however not the place I’m now. It is darkish, chilly and icy for a great morning run, which cuts down on my dietary indulgence margin, and my fridge is at present half-full with vacation get together leftovers, with extra vacation events arising…however the extra cookies I eat, the extra room for fruits and veggies, proper? So goes my logic. It is bought some holes in it.

Anyhow, I *knew* I should not have purchased Dealer Joe’s Smoky Honey Seasoned Kettle Chips. NO NEED for these in my kitchen. NONE. However…however…I like kettle chips. A lot. “Smoky” and “honey” sounds good. And the packaging is reminiscent sufficient of one of many final chips I fell in love with it…dangit…the bag is coming residence with me.


These chips kinda have a break up character to them. On one hand, the crisps are remarkably snackable, to the purpose the place inhalation of the bagfull appears fully believable if not outright inspired. That is the attract of the kettle chip – further crunchy, extra girth, extra grease maybe. So good, so remarkably good, and these TJ kettle chips are a textbook instance of high quality in that regard. Positively needed to train some willpower to shut the bag and put again on the shelf.

It is the flavour that is a bit disappointing. It isn’t terrible, however the style appears neither smoky nor honeylicious. As an alternative, it is like a reasonably delicate barbeque taste that is fairly nice and definitely not heavyhanded, with a small contact of sweetness presumably from the honey. However smoky? No style of that up to now. And I like smoky.

Anyhow it is like $2 for the bag, and I should remind myself it isn’t a single serving subsequent time I open. If the flavour had been stronger or one thing extra to it, it would not be as straightforward to simply carry on consuming and consuming and consuming…that have to be what they are going for. Sandy and I appreciated them alright, as did our kiddos. Nothing an excessive amount of else to say besides let’s go along with double 3s.

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Smoky Honey Seasoned Kettle Chips: 6 out of 10 Golden Spoons