Dealer Joe’s Shrimp Corn Canine

Trader Joe's Shrimp Corn Dogs

That is a kind of objects that I’ve to smile about each time I consider it. Not simply because it is tasty, however as a result of it is a foolish concept. I’m wondering who got here up with the idea, initially. I ponder whether there was some specific job assigned to Dealer Joe’s Analysis and Improvement division that may have learn one thing like this:

“Corn canines are superior. Even fake-meat corn canines are superior. Your project: put totally different meals on wood sticks and canopy them with cornbread. Report again together with your high three new corn canine discoveries. Go!”

The fortunate jerk whose job it was to perform this job dutifully paraded out of his workplace with a handful of low-cost wood chopsticks or maybe popsicle sticks—or possibly he simply grabbed a few his cubicle-buddy’s no. 2 pencils…he strolled down some boulevard, presumably in Massachusetts or Monrovia, CA, approached some random meals vehicles and plopped varied meals on the sticks, then took them again to his “lab,” dipped every merchandise in a cornbread batter after which dunked it in a deep fats fryer. As he tasted every one, he taped his ideas in slightly hand-recorder:

“Hmmm…grilled cheese corndog…very yummy, however messy and impractical.”

“Carrot corn canine…definitely edible…with a vegetable tempura-quality…however lacks the zing required of corn canines.”

“Doughnut corn canine…promising for carbivores and the health-unconscious…however we would be sued for negligent murder or one thing…”

“Burger corn canine…hrm…in the event that they weren’t round, this would possibly work…”

“Shrimp corn canine…um…yeah…if that is flawed, then I do not wanna be proper.”

He pitched the thought to his boss the next day, full with prototype samples and an experimental predecessor to the candy and scorching chili sauce for dipping. The presentation resulted in promotions, bonuses, and accolades for the aforementioned fortunate jerk, and thus, Dealer Joe’s Shrimp Corn Canine had been born.

Yummerific. The candy and scorching chili dipping sauce is not scorching in any respect, however apart from that, no complaints. One other 4.5 from me.

Sonia says she does not like corn canines. They need to have the ability to deport folks for such blasphemy. She’s actually solely a 1st technology American. “Again to Oaxaca, Mexico with you and your misguided household, ma’am…till you be taught to understand our tradition!” She needed to provide them a 3. I instructed her that was too low. So she mentioned, “Effective. 3.5.” She added that there wasn’t sufficient shrimp on the stick. I am going to give her that. They need to completely go along with jumbo shrimp for model 2.0.

Backside line: 8 out of 10.