Trader Joe’s Scandinavian Swimmers

Trader Joe's Scandinavian Swimmers
Scandinavia has so many great things: Vikings, danishes. SpotifyThis is what Ikea looks like… After a month of junk food, sweets, cakes and parties, we just need more candy. 
Our holiday season ended last night at our house. It was Three Kings Day. You might also know it as the “Epiphany”. Latin Americans celebrate it often with a Rosa—a big cake full of candied fruits and a plastic baby Jesus baked into it somewhere. Tradition has it that the one who receives the piece with baby Jesus must host the next year’s party. It was good times. This time, we didn’t have a rosca. We celebrated instead with tres Leches cake, miscellaneous drinks, and…you guessed…these soft, seafood-themed candies.
Affirming the above recent eventsTrader Joe’s appears to be incredibly confident that they won’t be sued Swedish Fish over these “Scandinavian Swimmers.” TJ’s, we see what you did there. This is very clever. It was just a bit more vague in the terms you used for your product title. You could refer to Norwegian Lobsters or Danish Dolphins, we don’t know why. Depending on who you ask Finnish Seahorses or Icelandic Porpoises could also be included. They are my favorite, despite all of that. They are my “Scandies”. Get it? Scandinavian candies. Scandies. It’s a contraction of the tw—oh, nevermind.
There are four flavor options. They all taste great except the yellow. It just doesn’t taste like anything. It’s a little sweet but not too tart. There’s no pineapple flavor or tartness. It’s just…there. It’s just…there. I can’t identify any other distinct flavors, but they all seem to belong there. However, none of them have the same sour, citrusy zing as last year’s. Sour Gummies T’s & J’s. Although it could be just my imagination, I believe the blue (dolphins) flavor is a little berry-esque while the orange (fishes) flavor is a bit orangey. I don’t even want to guess the red flavor. Perhaps the ladies from at Candyology We will eventually get some concrete insight into the matter.

They are extremely soft texture-wise and, I have to admit, they make a great gift for five-year-olds. These candies are better than many mainstream candy options because they contain cane sugar as the number one ingredient. Neither Sonia nor I are huge candy folks, but after being wowed by the aforementioned T’s & J’s, we decided to check these out as well. While they aren’t bad, Sonia would rather have the sour ones than these. It’s almost double the 3.5 on this one. If that yellow flavor weren’t so…blah I might have opted for a 4.

Final verdict: 7/10