Scallop Bites from Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Scallop Bites

In a previous post about TJ’s pepperflakesI mentioned that the packaging font reminded me greatly of the Spanish treasure maps featured in “The Goonies.” It’s here again, and this time it’s seafood. Scallop Bites. Yay. This blog hasn’t yet reviewed any seafood products. Sonia is allergic shellfish, crustaceans and mollusks. Sonia can only eat fish. Although she would probably be okay with aquatic mammals, we avoid them as they are intelligent and cute. Sonia, don’t get started These sea otters. After I had shown her the YouTube clip, she couldn’t stop talking for 2 weeks about how cuddly they were. At any rate, I’m thankful that those otters left some scallops for me, so that I was able enjoy these tasty TJ’s Scallop Bites.

Scallops can be difficult to find. Many people have never tried scallops. This person might not be able to describe what a good scallop taste like. So let’s take a look at my credentials. I have some scallop-eating experience but mostly from fried scallops. BonanzaRestaurant as a child. Also, I had pan-seared scallops that were delicious. The Warehouse Restaurant in sunny Marina del Rey, California a few years back. Delicious. Let’s see how Trader Joe’s product stacks up against the competition.

They are very similar to scallops. They are a little greasy but not too much. The jalapeño sauce is very subtle…if you’re not into chiles and spices, don’t worry, they’re not very hot. They were quite flat when they came out the oven. These little crown-like pastries are shown in the box, but ours looked more like star-shaped pancakes. Overall, they were a success. They’re certainly snackable, and they make good appetizers, but I did have to dock a point or two because of their greasiness, flatness, and lack of jalapeño-iness. These were not as good as the restaurant scallops but they were much cheaper and came frozen. They also took less than 30 minutes to prepare. If you are an amateur scallop-eater or an appetizer-hound, this is definitely worth a try.

However, they were enjoyable and enjoyed by me as well as our Memorial Day weekend visitors. Sonia had a difficult time with this one so we will simply increase my score. They get a 3.5 rating out of 5 stars. Final verdict: 7/10