Latte with Trader Joe’s Salted Chocolate Chai Tea

Trader Joe's Salted Caramel Chai Tea Latte

In my review of Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Latte, I used a clever line about “tai chi” and “chai tea”. So, what should I write at the beginning of this review. Hmm. What about this? Angel Taylor quotes: “On a Date…to Get some Chai Tea Lattes. You are always there to help me.”

It is unclear whether she means her date opening the door for her or if the chai she was drinking might be referring the chai that she drank, which may open a door to India. However, she and her boyfriend should stop by TJ’s to check out this stuff.

Trader Joe’s will often put the words “salt” or the “salted”, in the title of a product to draw attention to it. I find it raises an eyebrow in most cases. After successes such as the Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds, and the Dark Chocolate Caramel With Black Sea Salt Bar, I am usually curious about their “salted.” products.

You can, as with other “salty” products in the past, definitely TasteSalt. Salt isn’t just an ingredient that you can mix in with other flavors. It becomes something. Featured flavor. It is possible to taste salt, caramel, and even chai no matter how you make this beverage.

The canister just needs hot water. Even comments were made about the canister. Our Facebook PageIt is true that you only need water to make a cup of chai. Yes, it is drinkable in this manner. Sonia and me agree that you can still taste the salt, caramel, and Chai-ness. However, it tastes a hundred times better when made from milk.

We used 1%. It’s thick, rich, sweet and filling. When made with just water, the tea can still be hot—and still great for these chilly January days, but when made with milk, it’s a hearty, dessert-ish, restaurant-quality treat. When we used water, it tasted and felt like a powdered mixture..That’s only our interpretation. We’d love to hear what you made it with, so please comment below. One of you may have invented almond milk, or some other milk that makes us feel silly for using cow milk. But let’s not forget it! I assure you that any pride that I project in this blog or in real life is simply part of an act—a cry for help, really.

It was delicious with milk, however. If we only made it with water, it would get 3 stars. However, since we used milk to make it, we will give it 4 stars per piece.

Bottom line: 8/10