Dealer Joe’s Sai Tung Inexperienced Curry & Crimson Gaba Rice

Trader Joe's Sai Tung Green Curry & Red Gaba Rice

Effectively, I’ve written at size earlier than about my love of most Thai delicacies, so let’s skip all that mumble grumble and get all the way down to the enterprise of reviewing one of many newest, biggest, best, tastiest, purportedly authenticish dishes that has been scavenged from the corners of the earth and introduced proper to a freezer aisle close to you –  Dealer Joe’s Sai Tung Inexperienced Curry & Crimson Gaba Rice.

Man, that is an extended product identify.

In any case, in line with Dealer Joe’s, “sai tung” is Thai for “take out.” I wasn’t capable of finding impartial verification of that translation within the 5 seconds I spent on Googling the matter, so let’s roll with that. Hmm, ethnocentrically talking, I assumed that take out meals was kind of an American factor. I’m wondering what the standard of take out Tupperware in different elements of the world are.

General, the sai tung is a reasonably respectable dish. First, it is MASSIVE. The product shot I included right here? That is lower than half of what got here on our $2.99 platter. It is kinda clearly packaged to be a microwavable lunch or dinner onto itself, which even for a man with a bottomless pit of a abdomen like me, could be a bit a lot. Sandy and I as a substitute used it as a aspect dish the opposite night time with some baked fish. The rice and curry come frozen in a compartmentalized plastic dish, not (sadly) the cool trying bowl on the field cowl. And regardless that I adopted the directions rigorously, it nonetheless took virtually twice as lengthy to nuke because the instructions acknowledged as a result of each the rice and the curry are so densely packed in. Possibly Nathan can provide me some classes, that microwave wizard him.

As soon as it was lastly heated, it tasted downright good. The purple rice is of the sprouted selection, so it is somewhat additional protein and lots of additional chunk, kinda a texture nearer to quinoa than common white rice. Grainy, somewhat chewy, however undoubtedly good. As for the curry, it would not disappoint. The sauce begins off good and candy and coconut milky, earlier than laying a spice wallop on the style buds earlier than rapidly retreating again to the sweetness. I am going to admit it took me just a few bites to essentially get into it, however as soon as I used to be, I used to be hooked. I’ve had curries that had been somewhat extra advanced and layered out at eating places, however for a freezer meal, it was greater than acceptable. There’s lots of not-common-in-USA greens blended in – coconut shoots, morning glory, banana flowers – which for those who do not thoughts chomping on one thing that kinda seems to be and appears like a soggy forkful of yardwork really tastes fairly darn good in a greeny manner. Sandy strategically prevented all that shrubbery, leaving extra for me, which I did not thoughts one bit.

“Oooooooh I prefer it,” Sandy mentioned once I requested for her ideas a couple of minutes in the past. “That curry sauce….” Every time she says mentions she likes one thing and kinda trails off (which occurs pretty generally) I at all times kinda mentally image her doing the Homer Simpson “Mmm, beer” factor. It was kinda shocking when she mentioned she’d give it solely a 2.5, although. She defined she artifically lowered her grade as a result of she was subconciously upset she could not have extra of it due to a weight loss program regime she’s making an attempt out for just a few weeks. “If I may’ve had the entire thing, like for lunch, I’d’ve given it a 4, in all probability,” she mentioned. Effectively, I am going to give my a rating somewhat increase to attempt to compensate. Good things.

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Sai Tung Inexperienced Curry & Crimson Gaba Rice: 7 out of 10 Golden Spoons