Trader Joe’s Roasted Plantain chips

Trader Joe's Roasted Plantain Chips
I love the way certain foods can remind me of specific times or places. Whether it is a good slice of pizza that reminds you of Brooklyn or Chicago, or a crab cake that reminds me of Baltimore, or Ramen noodles reminding me of my malnourished college days, it’s just cool that food does this.

When I think of anything that has plantains in it, I immediately think of my 2003 trip to the dry coast region of Peru as a college mission trip. Literally, every morning we had fried plantains as breakfast (alongside healthy amounts of other foods). Inca KolaIt tastes and looks like Mountain Dew. It was a great experience. I tried several times to recreate the Peruvian way at home, but failed miserably many times. When I think back to that week, I remember how I got my butt from a group of 10 year old futbolistos and taught them English words up to “poop”

However, when I saw a huge bag of Trader Joe’s Roasted Plantain Chips on sale for $1.69, it was worth the effort. Although they weren’t going to replace my Peruvian pleasures, I was sure they would be a good snack. What do you know? They are quite good. Plantains can be described as semi-potatoey and starchier bananas. That was the best explanation I found. Even after being fried with sunflower oil, the texture is still good. It’s like banana chips with a soft crunch. They are more expensive than they look. They taste a bit roasty, nutty and earthy. I also found them a lot saltier than I thought based on the nutritional breakdown. A handful of chips can go a long way in satisfying that rumbly inside the tumbly. Other plantains chips have tasted more like potato chips than these, so the TJ plantains seem a little closer to reality than others. This is something I really appreciate.

Sandy may not be as passionate about them as I am. She took one small portion and munched on them, but then she expressed general indifference toward them. She stated, “I mean I would eat them if there were, but if given the choice between these or potato chips, I would choose regular chips.” She is going with three. Me? I like them, they make a great on-the-sly office cubicle snack (especially if you work in an office with at least one rampant lunch thief, like my workplace*), and I’ll give them extra credit for the lemur on the package and the fact that these were made in Peru. Although it’s not the best, I give these a 4.5.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Roasted Plantain Chips are 7.5 out 10 Golden Spoons
*Someone seriously stole my homemade chili for which my niece gave me the mix for my Christmas present. Seriously, wtf? What is the matter with this? One of these.