Trader Joe’s Ridge Cut Potato Chips

Trader Joe's Ridge Cut Potato Chips
It’s been a busy, ’round-the-clock-type week here at the Western PA division of WGaTJ’s. In case you’re new to the blog or missed the announcement in Nathan’s recent pad thai post, Sandy and I have just welcomed our first child into the world, a beautiful little girl who I’ll just refer to on here as Baby M*. We are all doing well and we have been getting into the rhythm of feeding, diapers changing, visiting, visits, more diapers. I return to work, get calls from family, change diapers, napping, and swaddling. I have been doing well with them and even enjoying them. That’s not bad for someone who only had to change two diapers in his life up until the last week and a bit. I’m so happy and in love with my girls.

The best thing about having a baby is all the family and friends that have stopped by to make dinner for us. It’s amazing, and most of their food is better than anything Trader Joe’s has to offer. We were able to make a Trader Joe’s stockpiling trip just a few days before Lil’ Baby M arrived. From some of our favorite snacks and easy-to-make dinners to another sack of puppy chow for our now-even-more-paranoid pupster, we spent more than what we usually do, but it’ll be worth it.

I am glad that we added a bag Trader Joe’s Ridge Cut potato chips to our cart. These crispy crisps are great for snacking between meals and helping to keep us going through all the enchiladas and mac ‘n cheese. These chips are super crunchy and thickly cut. Once or twice my wife glanced across the room at me and told me to stop chewing so loud. My memory is that she has never spoken such a thing to me in the five years of my relationship with her. Many of them still have the peel, which is an indication that they are not fully healed. I find them to be a bonus because they aren’t too salty. Yes, there is enough salt in them. But to me, sea salt is a big plus when products go out of the way to highlight saltiness. They taste more like chips than potatoes. I imagine these chips being great for dipping. However, we haven’t explored this possibility because: 1. We don’t have many chip dip options. We don’t like dips. These are quite good, and that’s fine with us.

Sandy is as big a fan of these products as I am. “They’re crunchy. She said that she likes crunchy chips, but kettle-cooked chips are a better choice. Yes, they are tasty, but I enjoy these rogue guys almost as much. Their crunchiness is what makes me split. They are crunchy enough that my jaw hurts after eating a few. But not enough to make me stop. It’s a way to control portion size, so I liken them to sourdough pretzels. Sandy gives them a 4.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Ridge Cut Potato Chips 8 out of 10 Golden Spoons
*If you have to ask, the “M” stands for Mini-Me. Sorry, this is all you will get: