Dealer Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Bowl

Trader Joe's Riced Cauliflower Bowl

I transfer that the usual bean ingredient serving because the cornerstone of all vegan/vegetarian meals be modified from soybean to garbanzo bean. Do I hear a second? Anyone?

Not that I hate soy or tofu or different soy derivatives. I similar to chickpeas higher. After which when rednecks are attempting to insult vegan/vegetarian males, they’re going to name them “garbanzo guys” as an alternative of “soyboys.” Does not sound fairly as demeaning. Confession time: I am initially from Pennsyltucky, so I am nonetheless half redneck. Additionally, I am not even full vegetarian. I could be extra inclined if we will make that chickpea initiative occur.

Luckily, there are scrumptious marinated chickpeas on this dish. There’s additionally a very good little bit of soy-based tofu. Sonia thinks there’s not sufficient of it. I disagree. Candy potato, kale, and onions spherical out the veggie combo for a singular combination of flavors. I discover the tahini sauce to be considerably acrid and acidic for my style, whereas the spouse is greater than high quality with it. 
Sonia thinks a few of the greens are a bit too powerful. I can see the place she’s coming from, though, total, I feel the feel is good—significantly the chickpeas. Loads of riced cauliflower right here, too. Serves as a pleasant low-carb base for the dish.

For a fast, zappable, vegan lunch, $3 is not a nasty deal. The style and texture are good, however not excellent, for my part. Sonia is a bit more enthusiastic total. Says she’d undoubtedly buy it once more. I feel I am going to go together with three and a half stars right here. Sonia will dole out 4.

Backside line: 7.5 out of 10.