Rice Pudding by Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a well-known dish in the world. According to This Wikipedia articleIn almost every part of the world, there are different versions of this dessert. You have to assume that any civilization with rice, milk, or sugar will eventually combine those three ingredients and see what happens.

I somehow managed to grow up in a rice-pudding vacuum. I don’t believe I ever heard of it before I was in my teens. I found it revolting. Rice isn’t a dessert food. However, as I grew older, my curiosity grew and rice pudding began to seem more manageable after I tried raw fish, sauteed grasshoppers and Chinese food that cost only a dollar.

When I first tried it, Latino-folk presented it to me as “Arroz con Leche,” which led me to believe the dish was Mexican. It is indeed Mexican, but it can also be made in India, Thai, German and/or other countries. While the Pennsylvania Dutch managed to bring all the best German food to central PA with them, their rice puddings didn’t make it to my local market.

To all you gringos, Arroz con Leche is rice with milk. This is a very creative name. Poor marketing is why “horchata” didn’t catch on in this country. Ask anyone what horchata looks like and they’ll tell it’s Mexican rice water. Mexican rice water? Is that what they drink? Yuck! I picture a nasty soapy-gray liquid that comes as a byproduct of rinsing a strainer of rice with tap water in the sink.

Have you ever tried horchata? It’s delicious! It’s delicious! It’s the Latin Cinnamon-Sugar Beverage, mi amiga! Then, you’d see horchata flowing out of every American restaurant soda fountain.

My point is that, although “rice pudding” may not be a true dessert, it does contain rice. To be completelyWhite bread Americans find it more appetizing than “rice with milk”. Let’s get on to the more important things, like the bizarre old-fashioned photograph on the container.

It’s a vintage picture of two young girls sharing a secret. Judging by the expression on the first girl’s face, it’s a very scandalous secret. Although I don’t know why it should make us hungry, or make our food more appealing, the buyer seems to be attracted by this packaging. This packaging is a wonderful choice. Perhaps one of these girls is telling the other about the origins of the product contained in the container.

Yes, I know that all of this is true. But, I haven’t yet mentioned the delicious taste of the food. It’s great! The only thing I have is that the cinnamon could be a bit more flavorful. It has just the right amount and sweetness of rice and sweet milky stuff. It is very delicious.

I rate it a 4.5. Sonia’s score is slightly lower because she grew on homemade food, but she still gives it 4/5. Not bad. Bottom line: 8.5 out 10.