Trader Joe’s Rice & Bean chips

Trader Joe's Rice & Bean Chips
Sandy and me realized, while talking about finances and other stuff during premarital counseling together with a wonderful couple from our church. We wouldn’t be able to live on our own, but we would have to look for ways to save money, especially if there were certain things we wanted. We decided that food costs could be cut. It quickly became a joke between us, as we had to eat a lot more beans, rice, or mac and cheddar. When we get sick of those, we could have rice, beans, or cheese and mac instead. We said that it was a good thing they liked them.

It’s also good that we discovered the greatness of Trader Joes. We can shop there and save as much as $30 per week compared to the big chain, even when we look at the specials. Although we still love beans and rice, and for that matter rice and beans, we are always on the lookout for ways to make them more delicious. We were so excited to find these beans and rice on our last visit that we decided they would be a good buy.

This is a likely winner, and it’s a worthwhile purchase.

These chips are lighter than many rice and bean dishes, which can be heavy and full of fillings. They’re crispy and almost flaky, unlike some other types of rice and beans. These are made mostly of rice flour. This gives them a unique texture. TJ’s adds some corn flour for a chip-like flavor. They are proudly claimed to be made from adzuki beans according to the package. They are called the “Mercedes of beans” according to a website. That’s interesting because it conjures up images of a semi-beaten up Aerio with bumper stickers. Not the Benz I’ll be driving up in after the Lord purchases it for me despite not knowing any Porsche owners. They’re delicious. If you aren’t familiar with red bean ice-creams (I am not), these beans are the ones that are used most often in them. I know they’re semi-sweet and nutty. They had a nuttiness to them, but not the sweetness. This is probably a good thing. The crisp texture of the rice and the nuttiness from the beans combined with the mild spiciness of what they put on them made for a delicious snack.

They weren’t perfect, however. A chip’s ability to work with salsas, dips is something I value. These chips were made to be enjoyed on their own. These chips are only one inch in size, so they don’t lend themselves to much load bearing. However, I tried them anyway. The salsa was good enough to offset the fact that the chip’s flavor was a bit off. It made for an awkward mix of flavors on my tongue. They’re still quite good and flavorful, so don’t overdo it.

These were given to Sandy for a girls’ night. The ones I ate before Sandy took me out to get some for a friend. PBRAlthough I was surprised that they survived to the dawn of the next day, I am glad that they did. Sandy voted them five spots in our Golden Spoon rankings, which is even more amazing. I’ll contribute a modest 3.5 as they are quite good, but not pantheon-level. That’s no shame.

Bottom line: 8.5% of 10 Golden Spoons