Raspberry Tarte by Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Raspberry Tarte
While I was making a solo trip to the local Trader Joe’s on Sunday afternoon, there were a few related thoughts in my head. First, my wifey asked me to find a delicious dessert for our family dinner. She was busy with a mama massage and other pregnant ladies. Although we aren’t perfect at eating healthy, Sandy and I have a problem with food. We LikeThey and others like them IdeaThey are delicious and we enjoyed eating them. We did a great job last summer, between planting our garden and going to the farmer’s markets. But I was just cleaning out the fridge, and had ended up throwing away too many vegetables that I had bought on a mild splurge at a farm market the week before. We haven’t canned them yet and we don’t like the TJ selection. There are a few exceptions. Both of us need to do a better work. Third, ….Sandy decided that we would give up sweets during Lent. It’s been a lot harder than we thought. Sandy finally admitted that she had given in to my request for donuts to be brought to work on Friday. And, of course, I was sneaking in a few sugary snacks, which I eventually ‘fessed up’ to. The two of us kinda looked at one another then. I remembered the place we had hidden some cookies and decided to go for it. I thought, well, if we get back into sweets (tsktsk! Do not tell the Pope!So, we could as well look for quasi-healthy ones. Right?

These are the factors that led me to purchase Trader Joe’s Raspberry Tarte. Yes, I get what you are thinking. Blogger, who was dumb enough to see the large ol’ raspberries topped on top, thought it would make a great dessert. Jamie Oliver would approve. It’s not far off the truth, I will admit. However, it isn’t like other desserts we’ve tried in the past, so let’s take baby steps. Baby steps.

It’s pretty good. The raspberries taste delicious, both sweet and tart. The crust reminds me a lot of a mixture between shortbread and graham crunch crumb, which makes it delicious. The crust also has a layer of something between the raspberries, but I don’t remember what it said on the box. However, it’s not important to me as I didn’t try it anyways. The only problem is that it comes frozen. It should be thawed for one hour before you serve. It didn’t turn out as well, just like other TJ desserts. It was frozen at room temperature for at least two hours, and the ice chunks remained.It came from a freezer. It would be helpful to follow some of the baking directions. I can tell you that I was not impressed or disappointed with the tarte. The vanilla icecream was definitely a plus.

Sandy didn’t like raspberry tarte either. She said that she liked the berries but not when they were frozen. “But overall…meh.” This is a very accurate statement. I expected more for the $6.49 that I paid for it. However, when it was time to eat the last few bites, I was willing to help, even if it meant that the fruit was better than the brownies. I guess that’s all. Sandy seems a bit more enthusiastic than I am about it, so I’ll take her 2.5 spoons.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Raspberry Tarte has 6 out 10 Golden Spoons