Trader Joe’s Quinoa & Black Bean Infused Tortilla Crisps and Trader Jo’s Edamame HUMUS

Trader Joe's Quinoa and Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips and Trader Joe's Edamame Hummus
Sometimes, I have to admit that I get tired eating some of Trader Joes’ offerings. I’m thinking of these pretzels. They are delicious and I think they are great. However, I find that I end up buying them every week for my work lunches with the same Mexiknockoff food. It’s partly because I don’t see any great alternatives, so I stick to what I trust. TJ’s might be able put something new on their shelves, so I am willing to try it. I feel the same way about most of their dips and chips. While some combinations are excellent, after a while, it becomes boring.

Sandy and I were in this boat during our last trip. We were going to be having friends and family over later that evening for homemade calzones, so we needed a quick appetizer. We had already tried the Falafel Chips and were satisfied before taking a decent photo. Yet again* so we were down one tasty (and out of consideration for one guest, gluten-free) alternative. It didn’t look good until…

Boom! Boom! You get what I mean. This was not a question at all, especially considering the fact that soThese chips have been a huge improvement on the bean-and-grain ones I’ve had in the past. These chips are incredible! amazing. The chips are thick and crunchy, just like any good stoneground corn tortilla chip. However, they have the texture of quinoa coated chips (as I’ve come to call them). Every bite was full of flavor, thanks to the beans that were seasoned with the perfect amount of onion and garlic salt. Although some might find them a little salty they are perfectly balanced. The chips have a rich flavor that can be enjoyed on their own or with your favorite dip. These are a great choice with leftover chipotle Hummus from the previous week, as well as…

…and some Trader Joe’s Edamame Hummus, which we also bought at the time. This hummus isn’t really new, we’ve seen it before, but we haven’t tried it yet. Let’s just say it’s “new for us”, mmkay? This is similar to our recent vehicle purchase. We are still trying to get our 2-year-old nephew to understand that “hummus is delicious” and this is the best example. Sandy loves the Edamame because it can be used in almost any fashon. It seems a little strange to call it “hummus”. It has all the great ingredients, like It has tahini, garlic, and other flavors. However, texture-wise, it feels closer to a smooth, guacamole than the smushed semigrainy chickpea-ness that is typical hummus. It has a mild flavor, with a hint of pepper and garlic. However, it tastes great when it is paired with these chips. Literally. There are no complaints.

This time, I will switch things up and give my ratings first. Although I may be excited about the new flavors, the quinoa/black beans chips are a solid 5 and the edamame-hummus…oh well, it’s a 5 too. It’s a snack worthy of the personal pantheon. Although I didn’t survey our dinner guests, I can tell you that everyone was eating the chips and dipping into the hummus. Sandy, though? Perhaps Sandy is just returning the favor and keeping these delicious cookies from becoming perfect She will only accept marks because she enjoyed them, but not full fives. “Oh, I think it was a four for beany chips and a three or 3.5 for the humus,” she replied. I tried to get a more detailed explanation, but she looked at me and said that it wouldn’t be the best of ideas. Let’s just leave it at that. Well, for me, this snackalicious combination is too addictive.

The bottom line:
Trader Joe’s Quinoa & Black Bean Infused Tortilla chips: 9 out 10 Golden Spoons
Trader Joe’s Edamame Hummus – 8.5 out 10 Golden Spoons
* Yet another First World Problem.