Pumpkin Macarons from Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Macarons

These can be purchased for as low as $5 and 12 bites of pure scrumptiousness.

Sonia and I purchased these despite our love of pumpkin, but we were cautious about buying them. It’s easy to make mistakes with pumpkin, even though it has lots of potential. You can make pumpkin ice cream, beer or cookies, as well as pie, cake, cookies, cakes, muffins, and souffle. It all depends on the brand and how fresh the ingredients are.

These macarons, by the way, are AMAZING. These macarons should be tried unless you hate pumpkin-flavored food. Sonia described it as “sweet whipped pumpkin clouds straight off the heavens.” We each took one out of the freezer and tried them frozen immediately. We tried to eat the entire tray, but we were too tempted to wait until they were thawed. We were tempted to eat the whole tray before they had thawed. But we kept our cool and distracted each other with stories of edible pumpkin-things we used to eat as children. After 30 minutes, another one was ready. The pastry was just as fluffy and delicious as the first, but the relative warmth allowed the exquisite flavors to penetrate my palate fully, and I felt a wave of pumpkin bliss.

I’ve never said that I avoid melodrama. It is a good alternative to traditional restraint for certain occasions. This is one. These pastries are soft and gluten-free. They melt in your mouth, are creamy, and have the perfect combination of sweetness and pumpkin spices. They are my favorite thing. They are my favorite vegetable. This dessert has once-more affirmed the age-old truth that vegetables can still make delicious sweet treats, regardless of their healthful vegetabilities.

Sonia rates them five stars out of five. I also give them five stars. Boom. Here it is. Sonia, my first perfect score in over a year.

Bottom line: 10/10