Trader Joe’s Powerberries

Trader Joe's Powerberries

What are Powerberries? I can tell you that I have eaten the entire bag, and I am still not sure. But, I can tell that they are covered in dark chocolate. The bag claims that the centers are made from real fruit juice pieces. Right. 

They are basically “pieces” made of “fruit juice” and covered with dark chocolate. For fun, tell the person closest to you that you would like a Piece of fruit juice. You might have some frozen juice left in your fridge, but it’s unlikely. A small amount of fruit juice will give you one of those frozen fruit juice cubes. I think you’ll get a confused look, barring this unlikely scenario.

It may seem strange, but I can’t deny that I just ate a bag of “fruit pieces” coated in dark chocolate. Fruit juice pieces can be soft and chewy. They are also very sweet. They are not liquid. They are more like gelatin. 

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while will know that I prefer sweeter chocolates to dark chocolates. However, the sweetness of the snacky spheres makes up for any bitterness in dark chocolate. Sonia and myself both tried to look into the mysterious centers of Powerberries by splitting them in half. They have a jelly bean-esque flavor. The middles are dark with highlights. Powerberries taste almost like cherry cordial. They remind me of a truffle, but there is something else about them. 

They are like the unmarried love-children of a truffle or a cordial. 

They are still very caloric and I believe they have a lot less calories, because fruit juice replaces traditional sugar and corn syrup. They’re unique. They’ll get at least two stars just for their weirdness. Another star will be added to their score for good taste. You’ll get another star if they are healthier or “less bad for you” than traditional chocolate candy. They receive 4 stars. They can’t be any higher because I’m not in the habit to eat chocolate candies and I cannot see myself buying them on a regular basis. Sonia will be following suit and adding that it would be better if the centers contained actual berries.

Bottom line: 8 stars out of 10.