Trader Joe’s Potato Pancakes

Trader Joe's Potato Pancakes
I love lazy weekends at home. If I have the chance, I will. This Sunday was an example. I slept well into the night, got up a bit later, read a bit, and then waited for my beautiful wife to return from her early morning run of 8 miles through zillions of humidity. After she returned, she was able to complete her program-year summary reports for a number of her preschool children. Okay, it was a lazy weekend morning for one of us*, at least, and I’m relieved she wasn’t too mad that I missed her text message to have coffee ready for her when she came home. Naturally, I made breakfast. This is something I enjoy doing the most with my little girl. Jack JohnsonOder The Head and the HeartFor a relaxing morning, this is the soundtrack.

Sandy requested Trader Joe’s Potato Pancakes with her scrambled eggs, coffee and oatmeal. Truthfully, these were bought a while back and stored in the freezer. They were already chiseled out of my hands, which is something I am glad about. Although I don’t know if they were there, I am thankful she did.

The potato pancakes or latkes are an easy and simple dish. You will need some potato (some mashed and smaller bits), some matzah meal, some onion, salt and garlic, and then fry them in oil. (Technically, you could also bake them but that seems a bit silly). This is exactly what TJ’s Latkes are. The term “frozen prepared food” conjures up the idea of bad-for you junk, preservative- and sodium-laden that doesn’t taste good. This is not true in this case. Dehydrated potatoes is the only ingredient your grandma may not have added to her beloved homemade ones. No tetrahyglycerides or pantoglompooperamides or other made up words. You can get a decent amount of sodium from them, but it is not as much as any other potato pancake.

It’s simple and delicious. Salt and pepper are both good additions to the dish. The onions provide a lot of flavor but don’t overpower. Although they were crisp outside, the pancakes inside were perfectly cooked. These latkes come in a pretty good size. I think they are about three bites. The two-and a-half that we had each was enough to enjoy the eggs and make our breakfast. I would have loved to tried this pairing with good applesauce, but we didn’t. Although I don’t like the idea of adding sour cream to them, I do know it’s a popular option and would be a tasty treat for anyone who is. TJ’s potato pancakes were delicious with breakfast. They are quick and easy to eat as a snack, as well as being great for any meal.

They’re comparable to the ones I’ve had at places like Eat ‘n ParkIf you don’t know what they are, Denny’s is an exception MuchBetter), so they are good in my book. I will bestow on them a 4 and 1/2. Sandy said that she enjoyed them too, but she also noted that she had better ones made from the Eastern European and Jewish families she knew. Those would be even better, I’m sure. As I do when I’m trying to juggle several dishes at once, I semi-blackened one of the sides. Sandy said that she thought they would have enjoyed them more if it wasn’t. She stated, “It’s not Trader Joe’s fault, but that’s Russ Shelly’s.” Well, Princess, I did make your eggs exactly as you requested. Sandy settled on four solid eggs.

Bottom line: 8.5/10
*Lazy weekend mornings for one is alright enough, but for two is even better.