Dealer Joe’s Peruvian Potato Chips

Trader Joe's Peruvian Potato Chips

Salt is unhealthy, salt is unhealthy, salt is unhealthy. Sure, sure, sure. I do know, I do know, I do know.

Nonetheless…does that basically cease any of us?

You possibly can restrict all of the sodium consumption you need, it is nonetheless on the market. It is inherent in virtually something. I imply, even Cheerios, which do not style salty in any respect, nonetheless have a fairly hefty quantity of sodium per serving for what it’s.

One can not keep away from sodium. You possibly can solely attempt to get out of its approach as a lot as doable. Like…not shopping for chips for example.

Or for those who do, take into account getting the brand new Dealer Joe’s Peruvian Potato Chips.

Not. Salty. At. All.

Will admit, not realizing their low-Na methods, I used to be just a little disillusioned with the primary chew. Regardless of how a lot I’ve like to reprogram my tastebuds, after I’m having chips, man, I need that salt. There’s barely any right here although. So my tongue robotically defaults to phrases like “bland” and “tasteless.”

It is probably not the case, although. I have been to Peru, and I do not actually keep in mind any huge deal being made about their potatoes grown down there within the shade of the Andes. However these are good potatoes. In comparison with maybe the American normal of the Idahoan Russet, they style maybe just a little earthier, just a little nuttier. It is kinda enjoyable that they are just a little purpley, too. It is refined taste nevertheless it’s good.

The feel and really feel of those TJ’s crispers strays just a little extra in the direction of kettle cooked whereas not being as full out crunchy. I may do with a bit extra crunch, to be trustworthy, however they’re going to do as is.

Total, I am alright with these chips. They nonetheless are just a little plain as they’re, however would in all probability work nicely dipped in one thing. , for like extra sodium and stuff. Eh nicely. I am neither amazed nor dismayed, and neither is Sandy. We’ll kinda shrug our approach by way of this bag and see if we purchase once more, on the uncommon event we really purchase chips. Middlin’ scores every.

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Peruvian Potato Chips: 6 out of 10 Golden Spoons