Trader Joe’s Perline Pasta & Prosciutto

Trader Joe's Perline Pasta & Prosciutto

Happy New Year!

It is a well-known tradition to have pork at New Year’s. There was something about pigs being unable to move forward. Although I don’t know if this is true, I have never seen a pig moonwalk. However, Shelly and I are not used to that. Last night, as everyone was celebrating the New Year with champagne (or a reasonably facsimile), Shelly and I were sitting at home sipping iced tea, egg nog, and watching the local telecast. Because, let’s be honest, Times Square doesn’t feel the same without Dick Clark. We’re getting old and lazy, yup. Baby M, at least, was quite happy before she passed out right around 12:07 am.

Anyways, despite our lack of pork today, at least we had some last night with Trader Joe’s Perline Pasta & Prosciutto. Prosciutto, while not quite as well-known as pastrami on meats starting with “P”, but it is certainly a fine cut of meat. I also love it. Love pepperoni. These pepperoni were purchased by Sandy on a solo trip to the grocery store last week. Sandy made dinner from them with some organic vodka sauce.

They are not bad. They aren’t bad. I don’t know if vodka sauce would go well with them. It seemed to mask a subtle flavor that I could almost smell. But then again, I don’t know what sauce it would be. I found the pasta to be reminiscent of little squid-shaped sacks containing little balls of meat. It tastes good. The pasta has a visual similarity to rosemary and takes a while to get into the meat. It’s basically prosciutto, which is mixed with some beef, breadcrumbs, and other ingredients to make a meatball. To be honest, I was a bit confused about the flavor of the first few. It started to get better and I was able to taste all the parts that made the filling unique. Although I don’t think I’d make regular meatballs with prosciutto and beef, breadcrumbs, and whatnot, I doubt it. But I might try it anyways. It works for me, but only barely in this iteration.

Sandy still loves the little purses with prosciutto pasta. They are a favorite. When she brought out our bowls, she had this look on her face, and that tone in her voice, when she said, “You’re going to hate these.” I will do you a favor by just eating them for you. It’s a code in our house that says we want something for ourselves almost as badly as Smeagol wants The One Ring. They are given a four and half by her and the only thing that prevents them from being full-handed five is their nutritional information (egads).  Look at the cholesterol and sodium! Me? It’s kinda like the other fresh pasta recipe. I can eat them with or without them but with the right sauce, maybe it would be more appealing to me. I’ll give you three.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Perline Pasta, and Prosciutto are 7.5 out 10 Golden Spoons