Trader Joe’s Peppermint Sandwich Cookie Cake

Trader Joe's Peppermint Sandwich Cookie Cake

This item contains pork. 

This product contains PIG. This is just pig. bones. Or maybe pig Skin. PORK GELATIN, however, is listed in the ingredients. TJ’s didn’t think we would have read the ingredients. We did. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until we took the cake home. This product is just too delicious for me to ignore.

It is almost as disgusting as putting pork in peppermint-flavored ice cream. Yes, Dannon and other brands do put bugs in yogurt. There are many bugs. I don’t mean they put bugs in. TJ’s yogurts either…just yogurt in general. It’s also known as “carmine.” Look out for bugs in yogurt ingredients if you don’t wish to eat many. Despite this, bugs are high-protein, low-fat, and probably better for you that the chemicals some yogurt companies use. But…they’re BUGS. The same goes for pork gelatin. My subconscious doesn’t like pig-flavored Ice Cream. After the sandwich cookie had been out of the freezer for some time, it smelled like pork rinds. But that’s probably my overactive imagination.

If you continue to look at this packaging, you will discover more amazing facts, such as “Product of France”. France Product?? They ImportThis stuff? They thought this stuff was worth it. Import?? Are you telling me that there’s no better chocolate-peppermint sandwich cookie in America? 

It isn’t creamy or sweet, and the peppermint is very stiff. It is very minty. The chocolate cookie is a bit spongy and powdery. It isn’t very flavorful. It’s not easy to mix the bread and ice cream parts together. It would be easier to mix any other pint of ice cream. Peppermint ice-creamA chocolate Twinkie. 
This “Pork Peppermint Patty”, is proof that Trader Joe’s has the right answer to “What’s good at Trader Joe??” It’s not “Everything“, and this post is proof that it’s true. Not Work for Trader Joe’s. AdSense makes this blog profitable for us, not TJ. But at the same time, don’t get me wrong—this blog IS a labor of love…just like this Funny music video about the first TJ’s in Denver, CO, or this well-written article about the guy who holds the “End of the Line” sign at a Trader Joe’s in Manhattan, or this excellent cookbook about stuff you can make with Trader Joe’s products. TJ’s fans love TJ.

We must, however, give our honest opinion. Sonia rates this product 1.5 stars. It gets half a star.

Bottom line: 2 out 10.


Just so I don’t sound like a Thanksgiving Grinch leaving you a negative feedback right before, Turkey Day (or Turkey-Less DayAs the case may be)I would also like to express my gratitude for many things, including MostProducts of Trader Joe, YouOur readers. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving