Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter & Oat Bars

Trader Joe's Peanut Butter & Oat Bars
These remind me of Tiger’s Milk bars. Do you remember those? They are small energy bars-type snack foods. They are still sold in 7-11’s and other places like that. I always liked Tiger’s Milk bars. But, it’s a very funny name. It sounds like something Charlie Sheen said during his highly publicized psychotic period. “What are the three things in my tummy? I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that. Let’s see, bile, intestinal strength, and Tiger’s milk. Right, Charlie.

They are delicious, though. They are tasty and filling. Although I initially thought I was seeing peanuts in the bars, I soon realized that I wasn’t. crunchedNothing at all. It was full of chewiness. On closer inspection, I discovered that what I initially thought was peanuts turned out to be peanut butter chips. Although they are not as healthy as peanuts, they are still delicious. I wouldn’t mind a few peanut-halves. This is my only complaint about this highly-rated product. Why not make it peanut-flavored? It’s not like peanuts cost $8 a jar like macadamias. The peanuts had a nice chewiness, but I am always open to a little. crunch-factor.

It is impossible to predict what Sonia will think about products like this. Sometimes she feels that things are too dry or make her feel too thirsty. She was able to remember to bring some milk when she tried them for the first time. No, not tiger’s milk. Cow’s milk I believe. However, I do recommend them. They’re delicious, peanut-buttery, and full of flavor. I give them four out of five stars. Sonia also deserves a mention. Bottom line: 8 of 10 stars.