Pasta from Trader Joe’s with Sockeye Salmon & Asparagus

Trader Joe's Pasta with Sockeye Salmon & Asparagus

This is the most fishy thing I have ever had. Maybe ever. A couple of hours ago, I had some old scallop soup at an all-you’ll-eat buffet in Atlantic City. It made me vomit a few hours later. This Trader Joe’s recipe did not make my puke. It was actually quite delicious.

To me, the word “sockeye”, doesn’t sound very appealing. Salmon is almost always delicious. Sonia has been a big fan of salmon since childhood. I enjoy fish in general and any kind of seafood or meat from swimmy animals (except for acquatic mammal, which I doubt people eat). Mahi-mahi or “dolphin fish” is not actually dolphin. It’s fish. It’s fish. But, that’s not the point. Let’s go back to this disgusting and fishy pasta dish.

This dish is not due to the pasta or the vegetables. It’s not by any stretch. The sauce, pasta, and vegetables were all completely forgettable. It’s a good thing. If they were any worse, I would have been tempted not to shop at TJ’s anymore for fear of buying another product as disgusting as this one. They could have been much better. But the fishiness of their packaging would have made them a terrible product.

This dish was the only thing really bad about it This wasThe fish. Never had salmon as fresh and delicious. I have never eaten such fishy fish. Ever. I have eaten shark, tuna, salmon, Tilapia and trout, as well as many other types of fish. Sonia and I debated whether or not the stray cats in the neighborhood, who are no doubt on the verge of starvation here in the middle of a Pennsylvania winter (albeit a very mild one) would eat this most fishiest of fish meat to save their scrawny hides from a sad, slow, and painful death. We never came to a definitive conclusion.

My advice is that unless you have some really bizarre proclivity for unbelievably fishy-tasting things, that you should avoid this product at all costs. This was the worst salmon I have ever tasted. Period. The $2.00 Lean Cuisine salmon is a gourmet frozen meal that’s top-of-the-line delicacy. Sonia replied “disgusting” when she was asked about the product. She gave it a rating of 1 out of 5. I was tempted to give it less than one full star, but I’ll give it a 1 since the non-fish ingredients weren’t terrible. This is an epic fish FAIL.

Bottom line: 2 of 10 stars.