Parmesan Pastry Pups by Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Parmesan Pastry Pups

Cute li’l pups. These little guys are made with beef and not puppy flesh. In my time, I’ve encountered a few people who were like “Who cares?” I’d eat dog meat. It’s another animal.”

Mmm, yes, that’s right, but not. I have heard it said that dog meat is disgusting. Second, I believe God created each animal for a specific purpose. Dogs are clearly man’s best friend. Even though they are useful, chickens, cows and horses will not catch your frisbee to bring it back. They lack the personality and individuality that dogs have. Horses are for transportation, racing, and riding, chickens make yummy eggs, and cows give great milk…and beef cattle, of course, yield delicious beef products such as these all beef pastry pup franks.

Let’s look at this product from the perspective of its three components: the parmesan and the pastry. First up, parmesan. What is parmesan? Sonia and I didn’t detect much parmesan. There was some slight tang to the food, but it didn’t strike me as being particularly parmesan-y. Not a bad flavor, just not so much like the parmesan cheese I’m used to.

Next came the pastry. It was crispy on both the outside and the inside, but flakey. It was just what I would want in an oven-baked puff bread-blanket. It’s not too oily, but it’s also not too dry.

Finally, the puppy: It was delicious. These are good, old-fashioned mini hot dogs made from red meat. They are piping hot and ready to eat in just 25 minutes. Because pork is thought to have higher levels of bacteria than beef, it is considered more dangerous for your health than beef. I’m rarely in the mood for hot dogs these days, but when I am, this is what I want them to taste like. Hot dog.

Sonia was also a big fan. She eats a lot less red meat than me. These pups aren’t as exciting as the TJ’s offerings, but they make excellent hors-d’oeuvres and are a great snack-food. These guys are safe for children if you aren’t too adventurous with your food choices. TJ’s Parmesan Pastry Pups are simple to prepare. They’re a high-end, blanket-bound version of pigs in the blanket. Or in this case, I’d say they’re “cows inside a blanket.”

Sonia rates them 4. They get a 4. Final verdict: 7.5 out 10.