Dealer Joe’s Natural Watermelon Jerky

Trader Joe's Organic Watermelon Jerky

What’s the sound of 1 hand clapping?

If a tree falls within the forest however nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

What got here first, actuality TV infamy or the Kardashians?

All of those are unanswerable questions. Meditate on them evening and day, and simply possibly you may have a solution…however all of those are timeless mysteries for a cause.

What’s watermelon, although, with out water?

One might search out your native pleasant mountaintop Zen grasp…or whip out a meals dehydrator and provides your self a few week or so…

…or as of about proper now you may head all the way down to everybody here is favourite grocery store, plop down $3.69, and purchase your self a bag of Dealer Joe’s Natural Watermelon Jerky.

That is proper. Watermelon. In jerky type. As in a famously watery fruit, extremely wanted for its thirstquenching glory, dried and flattened and rolled up in order to eradicate any hint of a drop of some prime quality H2O.

Pay attention, I am about as baffled as you. Or I used to be. I first heard about this weeks in the past and known as each different day since then…however there have been rollout delays, then climate points, then…properly, lastly, I snagged 4 baggage and could not wait to tear one open to behold this magical arid fibrous fruit marvel. Waited so lengthy….

It is odd stuff, for positive. It is unquestionably a really concentrated watermelon taste, as one would possibly anticipate. It isn’t as intense as I anticipated, however I am glad TJ’s did not go the added sugars route. It is simply watermelon sans water.

Attention-grabbing tidbit from the bag backside:

Wow! If I am doing my math proper, the top product is about 1/thirty fourth its unique weight, and is about three quarts of water extracted. Watermelon was hitting that Lasix arduous. 

All properly and good, however what concerning the texture? How does it truly work?

The melon jerky is kinda stiff, fibrous, and a bit sticky. Each baggage I’ve opened to this point have had all of the items clumped all collectively necessitating them to be plied aside fastidiously. I lack any higher solution to clarify it than saying, think about a skinny, dense sponge that acquired baked dry. That most likely sounds extra terrible then I intend it you, however there is a stunning quantity of chew to it. It isn’t as a lot as a jerky from a daily supply, however nonetheless. There’s not too many seeds within the jerky both – I feel I’ve seen possibly solely two or three per bag, they usually meld in properly sufficient with the remainder of the product.

When all stated and achieved, although, I am undecided how a lot I truly actually like the watermelon jerky. There’s an absolute novelty issue at work, which hit me with some preliminary marvel, however as soon as it wore off, I used to be simply consuming weirdly dry waterlessmelon. I’ve heard it stated that watermelon jerky might be thought-about a vegan different to common jerky – properly, if that is your factor, go for it, however that is a little bit of a stretch to me.

I introduced some into work to share, and most critiques have been fairly pleasant. The melon jerky positively made for some odd reactions and a few flatout rejections…however most have been optimistic.

My ultimate name is, for those who like watermelon and novel snackage, the jerky is value no less than one strive. Worst involves worst, you are able to do TJ’s no-hassle return coverage – however I doubt it’d come to that. I do not know…double fours? That is as a lot juice as I can squeeze right here for these edible contradictions.

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Natural Watermelon Jerky: 8 out of 10 Golden Spoons