Trader Joe’s Organic Strawberry lemonade

Trader Joe's Organic Strawberry Lemonade
Although it’s difficult to write this without sounding like a whiny complaint, maaaaaan The heat in July and August are quite severe in Pittsburgh. It all comes down to humidity. It’s atrocious. The past few days have felt like I’ve been forced to leave my home in order to go to work at 8 am. It’s almost as if I’ve been transported into the vaporous form of a sponge just out of the dishwasher. For the sake of survival, power went out twice last Wednesday for several hours. Ugh. It’s horrible. However, I also realize that I could be living somewhere else that is prone to flooding or tornadoes, or wildfires, and my heart goes out for all the communities, especially Prescott, AZ. I think a few months of steamy, hot mugginess in summer is a good truce to enjoy with Mother Nature. God made air conditioning.

I am also grateful that he created Trader Joe’s Organic Strawberry Lemonade to be enjoyed during the summer months. I can only say that he inspired others to make this delicious concoction. It is, in my opinion, an example of divine inspiration.

This is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. It’s impossible to describe. Every sip contains the perfect balance of tart lemony lime and sweet sugary strawberry. This blends together in an easy, cool, refreshing flavor that temporarily slows it down a little. This is not a weak product. It is potent and relentless in its powerful taste.  It’s addictive, and very chuggable for those seeking liquid refreshment. I don’t want to stop there. This lemonade will be my new drink of choice when I take over the world (or at least the local pool). Is strawberry lemonade allowing me to wade into a wavepool that is churning and moving with strawberry lemonade Can I ride down a long and twisty waterslide, or lemonade slide, and splash down at the bottom with my mouth open? Can I just grab an innertube to float down a lazy stream with only a swimsuit and shades and an extra-long straw for the occasional sip of water? You can do it, I swear. It is so funktastalicioso, I won’t even notice the “black carrot concentrate” that was added “for color” and will wonder how the h-e double Bendi straw works. It’s almost obvious that you can add some booze or ice cubes to make it more interesting, or even freeze it into popsicles for the kids.

Evidently, I am as high as I can on strawberry lemonade. The wife and I bought it four times this summer. I am beginning to feel withdrawal symptoms from the fact that we are currently out. Sandy is not as obsessed with the product as I am. She says, “Eh. It’s just lemonade for me.” This is like saying that the Beatles are just a pop group or that Jonathan Taylor Thomas was just another child actor for his era. Sandy continued, “It is not like ‘Ermergerd’, it’s strerberrylermernerde!” That was a painful way to type that. It was only three. This may be the best drink Trader Joe’s has. I protest. Sweet tea is better than regular sweet tea. Better than Arnold Palmer. Better than the old root beer. WayThis primordial green ooze is better than any other. Yum, all the way in my little world.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Organic Strawberry Lemonade is 8 out of 10 Golden Spoons