Trader Joe Organic Mango Passion Granola Cereal

Trader Joe's Organic Mango Passion Granola Cereal
Sandy and I took a day off work to travel to Pittsburgh to see the Pirates’ home opener. Both Sandy and I are big baseball fans. This is especially true when we go to the games in person. Ryan, Ryan’s friend and the largest and most dedicated Pirates fan in the area, organized a pre-game tailgate. Sandy and I were among the invited, as well as some mutual friends and coworkers. It was a beautiful day so Sandy and me decided to bike down to the game, as we live just a few miles from the stadium. To ensure that we had something to eat while tailgating (keeping with the meat-free Lent kick), we also brought along some veggie burgers to grill. As soon as we arrived, I was conscious of the fact that Ryan’s colleagues, who are mostly straight-laced accountant-types, were going to be impressed by us. First, the bikes. Next, the vegetarian food (aside form the burgers and hummus, I constantly quality-checked it). Add in my fairly bushy beard, and that’s three major hippie/hipster* stereotypes we fit. If we wore only skinny jeans, carried some Pabst and began gushing over the Avett Brothers like a fifth grade girl would. The Pirates had a great time. However, the highlight of the game was the drunk college kid running on the field in the ninth. These are typical Pirates.

However, I thought it best to not mention earlier that I was in love with granola again, in order to keep the idea of us non-hipster/hippie ways in tact.

Really, Trader Joe’s Mango Passion Granola is amazing. However, to really enjoy it, you must like mangoes. Although I wouldn’t call a passion for them a prerequisite, it is a great way to develop a healthy respect for and affinity for mango goodness. Mangoes are my favorite fruit, and I love anything mango-flavored. This is one potful of deliciousness. I love the texture and taste of the granola. They are rich in flavor, not too sweet, but a bit chewy. They are neither too sweet or too plain, just the right amount. In the past, I bought granola in the bulk foods section of Whole Foods. While some were good, others were simply too bad. This stuff is different. They are also quite tasty frozen mango pieces. Although I wish there were more, I think they are delicious. If you put some milk on top and enjoy them as I do, the sugars in the cow juice will dissolve and spread the sweetness throughout the whole thing. It won’t overpower the granola pieces. The natural mango flavor is evident, although I haven’t looked at the ingredients. Every bite tastes so good. If you are a yogurt or granola fan, it would be delicious. However, I am not sure how the mango flavor would spread. The dry portion was quite satisfactory.

This stuff is very filling. The 10 a.m. exam I mentioned a Few posts back? The curve was completely thrown off by this granola. It was a little bit grumbling in my stomach on both days last week. But, even after my lunch break at noon or 12:30, it wasn’t enough to make me feel hungry. Yes, it was. We are glad When it was lunch, even more gladder that the day before, I enjoyed one of my favorite meals new lunchtime favoritesI was able to wait longer, but it wasn’t enough. It’s rare for me to achieve this feat, and it was amazing for the granola two days in succession.

Sandy also loves it. Sandy packed some for breakfast. It was a conversation we had that night. “It just tasted like… so… “I don’t know,” she replied, her face squinting in thought.

“Happy,” I replied. It tastes delicious.

The light is on. “Yes! Happy! That’s it! It is so beautiful!

When I asked her to take this artistic pic, she agreed. She was actually happy to take the photo of “the boxes of sunshine and rainbows”. I asked her whether puppies were also welcome in that box. “Yes, they do! Unicorns! Yes, unicorns. This stuff is the best! Michael Franti** of cereal … Satisfyingly good, good for you, and keeps you full and energized, and definitely positive and happy. Sandy gave it five stars and was shocked that I had thought of lowering the score. The only thing I had to complain about was the lack of more. We each got two breakfasts out of the box. That’s four. But, then again, you don’t need to eat as many granolas as regular cereals. I bought two large bowls so that it’s more on me that the granola. I am in agreement with the wifey. From me, five stars. Retrospectively, I wonder why we didn’t get this last night during our shopping trip. Hmmm ….

Bottom line: 10 Golden Spoons for every 10
* Though I’m sure they’re technically different, I use the terms hipster and hippie interchangeably. I call it what I see.
** Sandy and I saw him in concert a few months back … amazing show. This was the best concert I have ever seen. However, the one I remember most fondly is the time I saw George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic in college. You know what? I may be a hippie/hipster in my heart.