Trader Joe’s Organic Lowfat Yogurt Wildberry Protein Smoothie

Trader Joe's Organic Lowfat Yogurt Wildberry Probiotic Smoothie

If Dannon’s “Frusion” is your favorite, you will love Trader Joe’s Yogurt Smoothies. They are delicious, smooth and made with yogurt and real fruit. They are organic, and contain probiotics.

Every yogurt contains yogurt cultures, which I understand help your digestive system. The little yogurt civilization moves from the container to your gastrointestinal area, where they establish themselves helping you digest other food and controlling the flow of nutrients into the intestines.

Probiotics go even further. They are helpful, microscopic little dudes that usually get added to the already helpful yogurt cultures, and they all work together to achieve gastrointestinal regularity. If the normal yogurt cultures are the army and navy, these little probiotic fellows are the marines. I don’t believe any microorganisms have the intelligence to create an air force.

But I am not a physician or biologist so you can ignore the paragraphs before. Except if you are a doctor, and would like to correct the silly probiotic analogy I made, please leave a comment below. Because I was too timid to learn biology and medical classes, I never took them. I would have fainted if there was a discussion about blood-borne pathogens and communicable disease. My hypochondriac side would immediately have drawn parallels between the diseases and my symptoms from my last cold. It would have made me miserable and paranoid.

On the downside, Trader Joe’s Organic Lowfat Yogurt Wildberry Probiotic Smoothies are not ultra-filling like the cream yogurts and the bottles are incredibly small. I could drink all four drinks in one evening. These drinks are worth only one to two gulps each. My wife can manage to consume these items for about 20 minutes, but that’s not much. I once saw her – and I am not exaggerating at all – take two entire days to drink a single can of diet soda. She would carry it around with her, and she would put it in the refrigerator, then bring it out again, then keep it on her desk. I had to ask her if she had finished the can about half a dozen of times. She said no. She seems to enjoy flat soda more than fresh soda. However, if your metabolism is slow, these probiotic smoothies will last you for just a few moments. They are very small and don’t provide much nutrition. The 4-pack cost us $3.79.

We also tried the strawberry one. Although it’s delicious, Sonia and my opinion are that Wildberry is ever-so slightly better.

TJ’s yogurt shakes are tasty and healthy, but not enough. They are rated 4.5 by Sonia. I would have loved to given them a 5, but the serving size would have been larger. From me. Final verdict: 8.5 out 10.