Organic Frosted Toaster Pastries from Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Organic Frosted Toaster Pastries

Mornings at the Pittsburgh WGaTJ homestead have been quite different in the past week. Sandy’s back at work with Baby M, which is a nice perk to working at a WGaTJ homestead. daycareAn early childhood education center.* Since we try to carpool as much as possible, that makes for one busy busy morning of waking up, getting myself ready, getting a baby who doesn’t want to be awake yet ready, while gently nagging/slightly hollering at the wife who REALLY doesn’t want to be awake yet to get moving as well. The fact that we are both very tired makes it difficult to get anything done. I don’t complain. I wouldn’t trade daddyhood for anything, and I’d certainly not change diapers for anyone.

A quick snack on the run is a great way to get your engines revving. I’m able to wait at work for my French Press coffee (but why did you discontinue TJs?).I need something quick to get me out of my tumbly. A quick pb sandwich has been my fuel of choice for quite some time, but it is now my favorite. RecalledRight now, it is leaving me searching for other options. Being my favorite comes at a heavy, heavy cost.

Trader Joe Organic Frosted Toaster Pastries shouldn’t ever experience anything bad. At least,  sure as all heck hope not. It’s pretty obvious. This is not a Pop Tart. TJ has created a better product. Let me list the reasons. The pastry shell is made from whole wheat. This pastry shell is gluten-free, so we’re sorry. These are healthier and taste better than regular food. While I don’t know for sure if these are healthier, I am assuming so as that’s what organic means to me. We’ve also tried the cherry-pomegranate filling, and it tastes more like actual fruit than sugary, corn syrupy, colored sugary gunk. Hmm, that’s probably a good point. It works for me. These will keep me going until the 10 a.m. test.

 We both like them quite a bit and I know we’ll be buying them again our next go-around. Sandy was reluctant to eat a packet on Sunday mornings when she had more time and had leftover carrot cake for breakfast. They were so good that she said something ridiculous about how much she liked them. I don’t remember the exact words. We also didn’t try them after toasting them because we had a screaming baby and needed to get to work in the rush hour to feed her. We didn’t. That’s okay. Sandy gives them a solid 4/5, while I’ll give it a higher score. Although they are not our favourite breakfast pastry from TJ’s, they will more than suffice on a busy morning.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Organic Frosted Toaster Pastries are 8.5 out of 10.
*That’s not to disparage my wife’s workplace one bit. It’s an excellent place. It’s just fun to watch her reaction when I call it daycare.